Rangamati one of the most beautiful place in Bangladesh. There have places for visiting and chance to close nature. Every year many people visit Rangamati. Now days for its hill tracks, waterfall, charming beauty many people are visiting Rangamati travel all over Bangladesh and outside of Bangladesh.

People came here for refresh mind and body after shortness of breath from city noise. Rangamati is a very special place for tour lovers. It will give you a fresh feeling of nature. Total Rangamati is full of natural beauty, today we will discuss about ten most beautiful place of it.

How to Reach:

If you’re from Dhaka there have many bus agencies for Dhaka to Rangamati. The distance of Dhaka to Rangamati is 305 km by road. Some of them are Shamoli Enterprise, Hanif Enterprise, Ena Paribahan, Saint Martin and many more buses available in this route and the fare is 620 taka. You can watch the road side beauty and reach Rangamati.

Sajek valley: It is best place in Rangamati. : Now days it is one of the most favourite place for visitor. It’s located almost of north side District of Rangmati, Bagahaichari upzila and Sajek union. It is 90 kilometres far from Rangmati District city.

From Rangamati to Kaptai Lake by boat then by leg you can reach there but its long journey by leg Kaptai Lake to Sajek valley. Another wqay is go by khagrachari, distance from Khagrachari is 70 km. There are two neighbour hoods kanlak and Ruilui.

You can see there the fresh cloud, many types of trees many hills and you can see many places of Rangamati by sitting there. Kanlakk hill is main point of view for visitors, don’t miss it. Sajek Valley like a drawn image, never ends its beauty, don’t miss to see play of cloud and sunrise at a moment.If you want to refresh your mind and soul go fast and visit Sajek valley. One more noticeable thing is you can visit it any time of the year. There have many cottage and resorts. Rent of the resorts 1500 – 3000 taka by category and service provide.

Rangamati Hanging Bridge: 

Who are came here most of them don’t go back without watching this bridge. If you listen name of Rangamati at first you will realize the hanging bridge so it’s called the symbol of Rangamati. Many people came here every day. Entry fee of this Bridge is 20 taka per head. This bridge connected two hills. Shaking of the bridge fascinate all of the visitors. There have more tour spots and cottages to stay there.

Backside of the bridge have village of indigenous people. You can also visit the places and know about their lifestyle. You can see the charming beauty of the Kaptai Lake by standing on the bridge. There have system for engine boat. You can rent boat to see the beauty of lake water and lake side hills. One of the attraction of this spot is cable car. You can take a ride of this car and enjoy amazing beauty of lake. Rent of the Boat 200 – 300 taka per hour. There have many hotels and motels you can easily rent for stay there.  

Rajban Bihar:

It is Buddhist monument in Bangladesh. Now days it is a international Buddhist prayer place. Rajban Bihar is international famous place. It   located at near of Rangamaati main city. It has 46 acre land area. Because from 1981 many people outside of country visit this place.

There have a Sona Bihar For prayers and modern architecture made residential building and rest house, kitchen, hospital, library press Residential building of Bhikkhu. This building protected by the boundary wall. It is very famous for its immaculate beauty. Everyday many people came here for watching the pleasant beauty of this place.

Paulwell Park & Cottage:  

It is located near of Rangamati city and very near of kaptai Lake. You can go there very easily by Auto Rickshaw. You will see mask quality entry point and another mask quality ticket counter. This park control by Bangladesh police. There have many kind of places. At first park, here have many monument of Village life.

At first looking you feel like the architecture is real. Creating style of these are give   them an extra beauty. You can feel the real village life feel. Than there have some brench for sitting near of road and lake. You can watch beautiful sunset from here. There have option for boat riding. You can ride boat at kaptai Lake and enjoy very much.

There have resort, you can rent it like your budget. Some resorts are very near of lake and the swimming pool is very beautiful. You can enjoy a cup of coffee by sitting into Lake. Jetty wharf for ships land and many other facilities available. Everyday many people visit this spot. One more thing there have love point. It is a very charming beauty of this place.

Kaptai Lake:

Main attraction of Rangamati is Kaptai Lake. This lake is man created lake. In 1956 for the making electricity there made barrier into karnafully river. After made the barrier 65000 acre land gone down under water, from this reason made this lake. The lake is immaculate beauty of nature. Many people go there for take a fresh feel of nature. There have system for visiting. You can see vast body of water and hills.

Hills are look like the under the water. There have system for boat and spped boat. If you visit boat you can see the hanging bridge and Shuvolong Waterfall from boat. Now days there have no public cottage but here have some rest house of Bangladesh government. You can meet with director of the resorts for stay there. If you want to take food, there have floating restaurant of NAVY. You can enjoy very much. One of the enjoyable thing here is Cable car. If you want take a ride of it, you can see more beauty from cable car.

Shuvolong Waterfall:

It is located 8 km far from Rangamati. You can go there by car and by boat. Rangamati have total eight water fall. Most beautiful of them is Shuvolong. The water of these is drinkable. Other 7 water are invisible for trees. You have to see this water fall to near. Shuvolong is very immaculate beauty. The top of the water fall is high like 20 floor building from land. It is basically more beautiful in Rainy season, another time of year fall of water something narrow. But it always very charming. There have made a bridge for watch better the water fall. If you go there by boat, two side hills and trees will fascinate you. In winter season many birds came here. Water of the water fall gone karnafully River. Over all waterfalls is very pleasant beauty.


Kaptai National Park:

This is a ancient park of Bangladesh. It is famous for many kind of green trees, karnafully river, small waterfall and Kaptai Lake. It area is 5464 hector land. Here have many kind Snake, Frog, Forest Elephant, Monkey, Birds and many other kind animals. The beauty of park will must fascinate you. Now days there made some foot walk able ways by Forest Development. There live Marma people. They live in a village. If you want to know about them and visit village you have to take permission from the Headman of the village. There have uncommon type of frogs. Many times you can see there forest Elephant. Around the year many birds are available here. There made some watch tower and view point. Over all it is a very beautiful place.

Lake View Island:  

It is one of the beautiful place at Rangamati. Lake View island one of them. Basically it is famous for cottages. Because there have some Government or Non Government many cottages. You can visit them and take a natural feel. It’s near Kaptai Lake so beauty is fully loaded. You can go there by bus, car or other system. It far from Rangamati 2 hour far. After reaching the spot you can see tree house. It is very beautiful. There have system of hanging bridge to connect one to another tree house.

There have a Bajra boat. This boat design like Artist SM Sultan. The name of the boat Nilkouri. The rent of this boat per day 10000 taka. There have two beds, one varadra and roof of this boat is more beautiful. It’s give 1 hour free service. But if you rent it hour, it rent 3000 taka per hour. There have hall room for 25 people and rent of the room 10000 taka. There have system for swimming pool. If you are 2 or 3 person you can take rent tent. Overall Lake view Island is a very immaculate beauty.

Pablakhali Wildlife Sanctuary:

It is far more than 100 km from Rangamati. For this reason a little number of person visit there. If you want to go there at first ypu have to journey by Launch from Rangamati, it will take you Mainamukh then you have to take engine boat to reach Pablakhali wild. The charming beauty of Rangamati to Pablakhali journey will give you a fresh feel. There live many kind of birds, Elephant, Many types of Monkey, Snake and many other animals. There have various type of tress thats are unavailable many other places in Bangladesh. The beauty lake green lake water and trees will fascinate you. There have some cottages, you can stay there.   

Peda Ting Ting:

It is a one of the beautiful place in Rangamati. Basically it’s a restaurant. Location of Peda Ting Ting located at Kaptai Lake. It’s a kind of tourist attraction place. The view of this restaurant is charming.  It’s created top of a hill so you can get a feel of hill view and take a natural feel. If you want go there, you have to go by boat.

The beauty of way Rangamti to Peda Ting Ting will must fascinate you. All around just water, hills, trees and cloud view. The meaning of the Peda Ting Ting is fully belly eaten, it’s a Chakma Language.  There have many kind of food specially there made Bamboo Chicken its special, on the other hand rice, meat, soup and many kind of food you can get there. There have some residential rooms. It’s an extra kind of feelings to stay there full moon night.

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