Where dreams come to reality, the unbelievable beauty of the sunrise, many hills around you, clouds touching hills, evergreen looking, the awesome sunset and at night core star in the fresh sky. Many kind of natural beauty can see from here. Sajek valley is a great place to travel.

Sajek vally is the best place for it in Bangladesh. It called the roof of Rangamati. Baghaichari is the largest union in Bangladesh. Sajek name comes from a river. Sajek river pass Rangamati, it’s like border Bangladesh and India. Those country divided by this river. Sajek height is 1800 foot high from sea level. In every time of a year different beauty play by the nature of Sajek. You can visit Sajek around the year but if you want to see cloud June to November is best time for you.

 How to Reach:

Sajek Valley located at Rangamati but Its 95 km far from Rangamati main city and from Khagrachari 70 km far. Roads of those area are hill track and not so good. So, most people from other side of Bangladesh visit Sajek by Khagrachari. Khagrachari is one of the beautiful places in Bangladesh.  You can get bus from Sayedabad, Gabtoli and from Kallanpur. There have many bus services som of them are BRTC, Shamoly, Saint Martin Paribahan, Shanti, Eagle, Saodiya and many more bus,

Rent of Bus:

Non AC 500-600 taka and AC 900-1100 taka. Bus will take you direct Khagrachari and its take 6-7 hour time. Holidays are very crowded so if you make a plan for holidays, my suggestion will purchase up and down ticket from beginning of you journey. It will help you a lot. These days many people there so get better service available bus ticket little tough. Generally the night buses of Dhaka to Khagrachari depart from Dhaka at 10pm to 11pm and its reach early in the morning. Bus will take you Shapla chatter named place in Khagarachari city.

Then you have to rent Chander gari, Jeep, bike or CNG. If you are a team of 10 – 15 people Chander gari will be best for you. Generally, Chander gari allows 10 persons but if you can bargain you can take 12 people in a car. But the rent of these cars fixed by the jeep Samiti and Parbotto Paribahan kollayan samiti.

There have a few chances to bargain if you’re visiting without holidays. There have a serial of cars and you have to take first car of the series. Otherwise, if you have gone there before or you have phone number driver of car, you can contact with that person before your journey and you can get this car. One more thing you have rent car from here for up and down. There have many packages and you have a choice.

The price list of cars for packages and locations:

Serial no. Places Basic Rent Time
1 Khagrachari to Sajek 5400 Up and down
2 Khagrachari to Sajek 7700 One night stay
3 Khagrachari to Sajek 9700 One night, Alutila, Reachaing waterfall and Hanging bridge
4 Khagrachari to Sajek 10500 2 night
5 Khagrachari to Sajek 12500 Twonight,Alutila, Richaing waterfall and Hanging bridge
6 Khagrachari to Alutila, Richang waterfall, Debotaponds and hanging bridge. 5000 Up and down
7 Khagrachari to Panchari, Oronno kuthir, mayabini Lake 4000 Up and down

Another way to reach Sajek is Motorcycle and CNG. The rent of Motorcycle is 2000-2500 and CNG rent 3500 basic and depend on your time and packages.

If you want to stay more or want to visit extra place you have to pay more extra cost.

The beauty of nature Khagarchari to Sajek will must fascinate you. Car will take you Dighinala Upzila first. There have an army camp. To enter the Sajek you must take the permission of the Bangladesh Army. Because this area is handled by the Bangladesh Army. Mainly the drivers of cars do this. In a day two times have permission to go Sajek with the Army squad. The time is morning 10 and afternoon 3:30pm. How the car will reach there before 10 am or 3:30 pm all car will go with army Squad. Total time of Khagrachari to Sajek 3 to 3:30 hour (without army camp).

After reaching Sajek You have to rent resort for stay there. You have to rent resort like your car package. Now days there have many resort some of them army controlled and some of local people. If you’re visiting Friday, rent resort over

phone, Friday crowded day. Other days do not need to rent resort over phone. You can go there and instantly book room. Now days there have three resorts by army.

  • Sajek Resort
  • Jhanrvoj Resort&
  • Runmoy Resort.   

Mainly these resorts can get by the reference of defense jobholders. Other resorts are the public owner. Rent of the resorts.

Rent of resorts depends on the Sajek view from the resort, the season of tour and popularity of the resort. Without holidays rent of single bed, 1500- 2500 and double bedroom cost 2000-3000 taka. On holidays rent of couple bedroom rent, 2000- 3000 taka and double bedroom rent is 2500-3500 taka. Many resorts have a system for 6 to 8 people capacity room and some of them have a way to take an extra bed. Some names of resorts

  • Meghpunji Resort
  • Resort Rungrang
  • Magmachang Resort
  • Lusai Cottage
  • Garva Resort
  • Trinity Resort
  • Lusai Gram Resort and many more resorts are available there.  


Most of the resorts do not have own restaurants. You have to eat food from other restaurants. There have many restaurants and they have many kinds of food packages. You can get rice, mashed potato, soup, beef chicken and other food. You have to order food minimum one hour age. Instantly food not got there. You can also deal with the resort manager for food. Cost of per person can be 120-300 taka each time. If you go there don’t miss to take taste of bamboo chicken. Some famous restaurants below

  • Cafe Montana
  • Hotel Peda Ting Ting
  • Sajek Chilekotha Restaurant
  • Shhimbal Restaurant
  • Meghsojja etc.     

You can get food by your choice.

Places of Sajek: There have many places that you can visit. Some places you may visit are Kongluck hill, Stone Garden, Helipad, Lushai Gram, konglak waterfall and many immaculate beautiful places.

Konglak Hill: It is the highest peak in the Sajak Valley. It is located top of the hill. You can see Lushai Hill from this hill very clearly. It has now become a focal point of attraction for tourists visiting Sajek. Around evergreen view touch of clouds and the playing of clouds and hill is very impressive. Here live Lushai Indigenous people. You will get a feel of adventure here. This place is best for photoshoots and for sunset. Don’t miss the sunset time.


Do you want enjoy the best sunrise scenery in Sajek? You have to must go to Helipad. It is famous for sun rise views. For looking sunrise, you have reach very early in the morning. You can reach 40-minute tracking from Kinglak Hill.

Stone Garden: It is a very tidy place. Here have an aesthetic stone made branch, bridge and open landscape. The ticket price of a stone garden is 20 taka per head, Motorcycle and CNG garage cost 40 taka. One of the beautiful places in Sajek.

Lushai Gram: It is located near of Helipad. The entry fee is 30 taka. There have ways to know about Lushai culture and shoot pictures with Lushai dresses. The fee for the dress is 100 taka.

Konglak waterfall:

This waterfall is located in a little farther from main city. To go there you have to track minimum 50 minutes and return time upto 1 hour. To visit this waterfall you must need a guide. You can get the guide from resort. It is also the best place in Sajek. Don’t miss taking a bath at the waterfall. Sajek is a very beautiful place around Bangladesh. To visit this immaculate beauty make a team. That will help you much to get best pleasure and can save money. 

N.B. Electricity problem have in Sajek. Most of the resort supply power of the generator evening 7 to 10 pm so your useful device makes sure charge that time. Mobile operator network Robi is something better than other operators.

Come out time from Sajek is in morning 10 am and afternoon 3 pm army squad will take you back in this time.   

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