Bandarban in Bangladesh is a land of natural beauty. There are very few people who are not fascinated by its beauty. Places of interest in Bandarban district

✔️ Baklai Falls ✔️ Boga Lake ✔️ Buddha Dhatu Jadi ✔️ Chimbuk Mountain Range
রি Chinri Jhiri Jharna ✔️ Phaipi Jharna ✔️ Jadipai Jharna ✔️ Keokkaradong
Cloudy Tourism Compsnox ✔️ Miringa Tourism ✔️ Nafakhum ✔️ Remakri
✔️ Nilachal ✔️ Nilgiri ✔️ Thanchi ✔️ Patanjhiri spring
ান্ত Prantik Lake ✔️ Rajbihar Ujanipara Bihar ✔️ Rizuk Falls
✔️ Sangu River ✔️ Rock Falls ✔️ Tajidong

Upban Tourism is a popular tourist destination in Bandarban district and in the whole of Bangladesh. It is not possible to see so many places together. However, plan the places around Bandarban city that you can visit in one day

Transportation from Dhaka: Bandarban Travel 

Transportation There is no airport so you must take a bus or a car if you have your own. From Dhaka you can go by non AC bus, AC bus, train. Among the bus services Shyamoli, Eagle, Unique bus service travels directly to Bandarban. Non-AC bus fares range from TK 720 and AC bus fares from Rs 900 to Rs 1,000. All these buses are at Arambagh, Gabtali,The buses leave Abdullahpur, Sayedabad for Bandarban between 8pm and 11pm and reach Bandarban bus stand very early in the morning. The distance from Dhaka to Bandarban is 320 kilometers. It will take 6 to 8 hours to go.

Bandarban can be reached from Chittagong. If you want to go to Bandarban from anywhere in Bangladesh, come to Chittagong Bahaddarhat Bus Terminal. From here you have to take a bus to Bandarban, the daughter of nature. Rent from Tk. 200 to Tk. 250 per person. Buses leave from here every 30 minutes.

It will take about 3 hours. For travel lovers, trekking must be limited to a limited range of luggage as you have to carry all these trekking, all these journeys on high and low mountain waterways and you must have your usual dry food and water, even if the water is not long. Collecting water from mountain springs will play a vital role in your life in Japan during this time of need. And you can promote your travel information on our YouTube channel AHolidaytour Facebook page AHolidaytour24 with any information related to your travel.