How to Travel in Asia. Traveling throughout Asia can be a unique experience and among all of the continents, Asia is the cheapest one to visit. Flights, hotels, shopping, and the hotels are all budget friendly here. More importantly, Asia is a paradise for all the food lovers out there. The vividity of the cuisines that it has to offer is really amazing.

However, Asia has a lot of colors and just like that traveling throughout can be a vivid experience. 
Well, here is a short introduction of the places that you can travel around Asia, 


This is the capital of Thailand. This has an exotic nightlife and the city is really decorated and fun filled. Most importantly, Thailand is a place where you will have a true Asian vibe and you will eventually be in Bangkok, if you are in Thailand.


For those who travel to seek peace, Kyoto is the ultimate destination for them. This old japanese capital is known for its temples and shrines. You will surely experience the ancient Japan in Kyoto.



This is the polar opposite of Kyoto. There is not much to tell about Tokyo. You already have an idea about it. However, it is the most prime example of how a modern city should be.



Singapore is one of the most important financial points of Asia. It’s modern, it’s clean, it’s decorated, and has a lot to offer. Be very careful about littering while you are here.

Hong Kong

How to Travel in Asia

It’s just a wonderful place of China. For an international businessman this is a must-see place. It is one of the centers of Asian business and trade.


If you want to travel really cheap, Cambodia can be the best option for you. This has a lot of natural beauty and ancient hindu shrines are a matter of huge attraction.


This is the capital of China and it has a huge history attached with it. The culture here is really unique and we are sure that you will surely fall in love with it.


Osaka is another famous Japanese city. The city is more popular for its food culture as it is known as “Nation’s Kitchen” for Japan. If you want to complete your Japan trip, you just have to be here.


This indonesian island is really popular all across the travelers. It has some beautiful beaches with rich culture and history. Just don’t plan your visit for a short time while you are in Bali.


How to Travel in Asia

This is another interesting attraction. The nightlife and sea activities is really fun here. If you want some adventure, we recommend Phuket over Bali.


How to Travel in Asia

Well, if you love the sea, this one is the most beautiful destination on the list for you. It is so picturesque that a trip to Maldives will make your friends extremely jealous.


How to Travel in Asia

The entire India is a huge country with all its vibrancy and luxury. We think we don’t have to introduce you much to India. There are just too many things to explore in India.


How to Travel in Asia

This is where the cleanest air reside. It is believed to be land of the dragons. People here are amazing and you will fall in love with this mountainous region.


How to Travel in Asia

What can be a better destination for mountain lovers than Nepal? It is known for its famous mountain peaks.


How to Travel in Asia

This is a land of hidden beauty. The longest sea-beach resides here. You will surely love the hills and rivers all across the country. It also packs a mangrove forest

Before you travel to Asia, Firstly, you must have an idea about the places you are about to go and see. Almost all of the places will be new to you. More importantly, the customs and language is so different as well. This can push you to unwanted situations. So, our recommendation to you is that you read, you watch, you learn, and you know about your desired destination. Well, the best way to know about a place that you are visiting is through Youtube.

Another important thing is your budget. You have to have a clear idea about the cost of your entire travel. To avoid the unavoidable circumstances, you must have enough cash with you that will help you to get through the entire travel and allow you to have enough cash for emergencies. Do you know the currency of the countries that you are going to travel in Asia?

For Asia, if you have a US or UK passport, you don’t have to worry too much. The passport itself is strong enough to let you pass through all the borders. However, papers are also very important. You have to have the proper documents and permissions with you. Just remember that your passport is not only enough to get you through your destination. Sometimes you might be needing documents that you never had thought of. Just make sure that you research on this concern. Some immigrations demand some unusual papers at times.

However, Time is another important factor. You have to particularly know the length of your travel and more or less everything depends on this factor. For Asia, it is not like Euope or America. Except for Japan, almost all the places are cheap here. If a travel destination is cheap, you better spend most of your time enjoying than rushing all the tourist spot. So, you should compile as much time as possible. Depending on the time you have in your hand, you will be deciding the spots that you will be able to see and that will decide the amount of money you will end up spending.

Transportation is a key factor while traveling. If you can drive then you must get an international driving license. However, you will not be required to drive a lot once you are in Asia as there are a lot of taxi and tourist services that you can avail once you are in Asia. Internal or domestic flights are relatively cheaper here as well.

Morever, The places you will be crashing in nights throughout your travel is not negligible. It will always be a tug of war between cost and comfort. Asia is cheaper in terms of accommodation. You can even avail a decent hotel here as cheap as 25$ per night. However, if you pay from 100 $ to 200 $ per night you can stay at a 5 or 4 star hotel. Yes, Asia is that cheap. One thing that we won’t be able to imagine our life without is food. Food here is really great. However, you must have a taste for spicy food as most of the food here is hot and spicy but they are literally mouthwatering. 

We know you are traveling so that you can get lost in our own mind. However, do not forget that ‘communication’ is as important as enjoyment. Once you are in Asia, you can easily avail a sim card with international calling facility or with internet access. However, your phone might be working fine in roaming in most of the countries. 

However, Language is the medium through which we convey our messages to others. Asia has more than 2300 languages and in some remote parts you may not be able to communicate in English. However, most of the tourist friendly spots welcomes English speaking foreigners. If you have minimal basic ideas about Japanese, Chinese, Hindi, Bangla, and thai you will be just fine and you don’t have to worry much.

Shopping! We all love to shop. At least, we all have to buy things. Shopping in Asia can also be a unique experience as things here are really cheap. However, be sure to be scammed or try not to buy too knock-off things. Asia is known for reproducing a grade replica of the best fashion items.

Be respectful to the laws, customs, and cultures of the place that you in. Customs, culture, and laws vary a lot across Asia. You should have an idea about the things that can offend the locals. Also, while traveling around Japan, be really careful and respectful to the law. 

Finally, Most importantly, the last question that you should ask yourself is, “Why do you love to travel?” And you will have all the answers to yourself.