The traditional place is Puthiya Rajbari. All information and video images
The traditional place is Puthiya Rajbari. All information and video images

Location: Puthia is located at Rajshahi division and it is only 30km far from Rajshahi east side from the main city. It is one of the historical places at Rajshahi. Puthia is a upazila of Rajshihi district. The temple and monument are located only 1.5 away from the bus stoppage. Puthia Palace And Shiv Temple.


Puthia is the area of Mughals and Barovuinya. The founder of puthia landlord system Pitambar, he was the first men and founder of this generation. The name of this place was Purba Lasker Porgana and laskeri Khan was the land lord. But once upon a time Mughals Commander Mansinghwere disappointed to him and take over the place to another person.

From that time here started the landlord system. Earlier, Nilambar received the title of king from Emperor Jahangir at 1605 and at 1774 spit the land and eldest son got 51/2 and other three sons get the 31/2 anna share from the split. The name of the king or the landlord still now is not too much famous like the famous name of Empress. The name of the King was Naresh Narayan. The Moharani Sharat Sundari and Moharani Hemanta Kumari Devi was famous for the successful management of the Zamindari. On the other hand, landlord of Char- Anni Paresh Narayan and his wife Monmohoni was famous for patrons of education and learning.

Still here have oldest beautiful temple all over Bangladesh and the number to the temple 17 in the Puthia and beside mouza and the largest shiv temple in Bangladesh situated here. The temples are still look like new.

In the 1949 extinct the zamindari system and this estate came to the control of East Pakistan and now it is the resources of Bangladesh Government but here has no clear description into the complex template.

Many archeological information resources: Puthia Palace And Shiv Temple

Here have many famous temples and many works of old architecture. The architecture style of these temples and complex is Indo – European.

Puthia Palace And Shiv Temple


The main palace:

The main complex is a very beautiful palace. The architecture style of this complex is dazzling. In the front you can see a huge field. This building two storeys with many rooms. Now days it is using as the academic building of Laskar Degree College. In time time of the king Naresh Narayan Raibahadur, this building was the main main administration building, the works of king done from here. Around the building reservoir was made the king for the security and it have extra name of each side reservoir. Finally, this is a very unique creation by the king.

Bara Shiv Mandir: Puthia Palace And Shiv Temple

When you’re entering the Puthia, you can see this first. This temple made by the Rani Bhubanmoy Devi at 1823. This temple made on the 4 meters high stage. Here have 3 meters one room and 4 rooms situated four corner and four corner has 20 meters high architectural works. In the temple now days the prayers continues and here have shiva linga. The wall of is the witness of the many historical works according to Hinduism.  According to Bengli calender the month Shrabon last Monday of last week of that month here held the Shiva worship. It is largest Shiva temple in Asia.

Bara Annik Temple:

The west side of the Puthia Palace, there have 3 temples as well as. In this number south side temple called the bara Char annik temple. The style of situation is long rectangular. Here has three rooms and the main gate in the east side. You can see the famous ‘terrakota’ woks in the walls.

Doll Mandir:

This temple made by the Maharani Hemanta Kumari Devi. Due to preserve the memory of Moharani Sharat Sundari devi. This temple four floors and the architecture style is very unique. Top of the temple has a dome. All the beauty is very beautiful. The height of the temple 21.54 meters. Many people came here for the prayer and every year. The special occasion is Dol Purnima. This Purnima also known as ‘Holi’ it is happen according to Bangla Ponjika. In 2021 it held 28 March, in 2022 18th march and 2023 will happen 7th March. It is one of the largest occasion in Hinduism. 

Here also have temples and may creation of old days. You can visit this place to know the history and enjoy the nature and architectural works.

How to reach: Puthia Palace And Shiv Temple

This historical place is located at very near of Rajshahi, Natore highway. So, you can easily reach here. It is 30 km far from the Rajshahi main city and 18 km far Natore. You can reach easily by private car, bike and bus.

Entrance fee and opening date and time: Entrance fee for the palace and behind temple is 20 taka and others places free for the visitors and opening time is 6 am to 5 pm, 5 days in a week.