Chittagong is an ancient city of Bangladesh. It is second largest city in Bangladesh and called the commercial capital of the country. The beauty of Chittagong everyone knows. The combination of Hills, green views and the most important thing, world largest sea beach Cox’s Bazaar located at Chittagong. How to Travel in Chittagong and Chittagong University.

Here have sea port for transport products. Chittagong plays an important role in the economy of Bangladesh. Chittagong Port, one of the oldest ports in the world, whose coastline appears on Ptolemy’s world map, is the country’s main sea gateway.

The port is the busiest international seaport in the Bay of Bengal and the third busiest port in South Asia. For many reasons Chittagong is the second busy city in Bangladesh. Many people from many region come here fir many kind of works. Some of them for business works, most of the people come here for visit the immaculate beauty of the Chittagong and Cox’s Bazaar and many more people peoples come here for many types of personal works.

So today we are going to clear your many questions of Chittagong and Chittagong university.How to Travel in Chittagong and Chittagong University

How to Reach in Chittagong:

Basically here have three ways to reach Chittagong. By Train, By Bus and By Air.

The distance Dhaka to Chittagong is 346 km. The number of trains available 8, 5 of them are intercity and 3 are local. Average time of reaching there 5 to 7 hours. Here included 3 non stops train, which will stop just Dhaka Airport Dhaka.

Train schedules given below

Intercity Train schedule:

Train no     Name              Leave             Arrives            Closing day

702   Subarna Express           04.30 pm     09.50 pm           Monday

704   Mahanagar Prabhati    07.45 am   02.00 pm                      –

722   Mahanagar Express     09.20 pm   04.50 am   Sunday

742   Turna Express     11.20 pm   06.30 am   –

788Sonar Bangla Express      07.00 am   12.15 pm   Wednesday

Train Name         Departure  Arrival       

Chittagong Mail (02)   22:30         07:25        

Karnaphuli Express (04)        08:30                18:00 

Chautala Express (64)   13:00         20:50        

The Chittagong Express and karnafuphuli Express have no off days, Chattola express has one off day in a week Tues day.

The fare of the trains

Train Name & No    Ticket Price (BDT)

Subarna Express – 701    Shovan Chair- 355

Snighdha – 673

Sonar Bangla Express – 788        AC Seat: 1100/=

Snigdha: 1000/=

Shovon Chair: 600/=

Mohanagar Godhuli – 703      AC Seat: 731/=

Snighdah: 610/=

Shovon Chair: 320/=

Mohanagar Provati – 704       AC Seat: 756/=

First Class: 455/=

Snighdha Second Class: 345/=

Shovon Chair: 150/=

Shovon Chair Second Class: 125/=

Mohanagar Express – 722            AC seat: 656/=

Shovon chair: 345/=

Turna Express – 742        AC Bath: 1093/=

Ac Seat: 731/=

Shovon Chair: 320/= Train journey is much comfortable so, most of the people like to journey by train.

By Bus:

The distance between Dhaka and Chittagong in bus way 265 km. Here have many buses to reach Chittagong or Chittagong to Dhaka. The bus service AC and Non – AC are both available. We have listed AC buses and Non – AC buses. The list is given below

Desh Travels

GreenLine Paribahan

Hanif Enterprise

London Express

Relax Transport

Saint martin Paribahan

Though Paribahan

Saudia Coach Service

TR Travels

Tuba Line

This company also has the Non AC service and many more local buses available. if you’re a very budget traveler, you have to choose local bus, you can easily reach your destination. But local bus take much time to reach their destination, The AC buses do not stop. Dhaka to Chittagong. Generally, the time needed 5 to 7 hours and the fare is IC buses 800 to 1400 taka and for Non AC bus fare is 480 t0 850 taka. This fare depends on the bus company quality and service.

By Air:

Basically here available three airlines.

Name of thtem are

Biman Bangladesh


US Bangla.

These airlines are daily operating their flights in this route. Time will need 45 minutes to 1 hour only.

Biman Bangladesh Airlines everyday operates 5+ flights Dhak To Chittagong route. The first flight in a day at 8 am and last flight 20:15 to 21:15. The fare of this airline is 3700 to 7300 taka.

Novoair Airlines operates 10 + flights Dhaka Chittagong Route. The first flight in a day starts at  7:05 and last flight of a day 21:05. The fare of the flight by the class 4500 to 7900 taka.

US Bangla Airlines: This airline operates 7 flights in a day. Their first flight start at 8:40 and finishing flight at 21:25.

Now, How to reach Chittagong University:

The distance between Chittagong Railway station to Chittagong University 20 km. Here have a system for going their train Here available Shuttle train. Here have two shuttle trains for the students. There have times for departure and arrival.

You can also go to university by bus and another system. The car driver will ask for Chittagong University. So you can easily reach there. If you’re want to go any other places. You can get many kind of systems easily.

University of Chittagong:

This one is the largest land area available university in Bangladesh. According to lsit of general public universities ranking it is in third position. Many students come here every year for admission test from all over the country.

After reaching here you can see the site map and if you feel any kind of problem, met with help desk. They will give a clear solution of your problem in the campus.