Rajshahi is an ancient city of Bangladesh. It’s a metropolitan city and now days it’s most cleaned city in Bangladesh. Another name of this city is Silk city. Once upon a time Rajshahi was famous for the production of Silk. Here situated country’s first silk research and display center. For the many reason Rajshshi is a famous city and most of the people in Bangladesh know that. Full guideline and information Rajshahi city special places.

Many educational institutes situated here for this reason another name of Rajshahi is education city of Bangladesh. The fame of education at Rajshahi is over Bangladesh. The previous name was Rampur Boalia. In 1772 Rajshahi made the administration district, at 1876 made it municipality and finally 1991 the government of Bangladesh declared as the city corporation. Here situated many historical places and works, many people came here every year for many reasons from many places in Bangladesh. Most of them fall in the fault for finding right place for right work. So we will discuss today about important places north and South side from the Zero point in Rajshahi.

North side from the Zero Point:

We have discussed many important places at our previous content. This place is located at the north side from the Zero point. The auto fare is 5 taka from the point and it is very near from the railway station. Here sistuated Shaheed AHM Kamruzzaman Chattar. In this place many people come. Here are four ways gone four sides, a Zero point, a Rajshahi Railway Station, a baya road, Sopura or Cantonment and another Laxmipur. You can gate local buses from here.

Celebraty Gallery: Full guideline and information Rajshahi city special places.

It is located at the Uposhahar Sector three. The author of this new type of innovation is Mrinal Haque. You can see the many celebrities in the world. At the first look you will fall in the confusion the art style is very realistic. Without looking own eye how this place is beautiful. Many celebrities idol available, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, Rabidranath Tagore, Kazi Nazrul Islam, India Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Shahrukh Khan, Lionel Messi, Mr. Bean, Mother Teresa,  Superman and many more famous persons idols are available.  Entrance fee is for the general people 100 taka and for the students 50 taka.


Rajshahi Cantonment:

It is located at the Uposhahar named place. It is one of cantonment of Bangladesh Army. You can see the main gate from the way.

TTC (Technical Training Centre):

It is located at the Sopura named place. This institute has established at 1967. This is a technical institution. Many people are developing their skills from here and earning a handsome salary into the country and outside of the country. The trade name given below, Automotive, Architectural Drafting with Cad, Civil Drafting with Cad, Civil Construction, General Electrical Works, General Electronics, General Mechanics, Machine tool Operation, Mechanical Drafting with Cad, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Welding and Fabrication, Computer, Computer Graphics Design, Garments, House Keeping, language of many countries many kind of technical works. Who are the people go outside from the Rajshahi division, the fingers print taken here and the Probashi Kallayan Bank is available into this office.

Shahidd Zia Shishu Park:

It is located at the Boro Bangram, Nawdapara named place. If you want to visit this place, you will get Rickshaw from the Railgate easily. It is one of the entertainment place for the citizens. Here have some rides for the children and adult both. The park has 60 games play of 19 items spread over an area of ​​12.21 acres. Items include Merry Go Round, Mini Railcar, Monorail Sky Bike, Flum Rides, Octopus, Super Swing, Bumper Car, Bumper Boat, Kiddie Rides, Physiological Games, 3D Movie Theater, Pedal Boat, Bouncey Castle, Horse Ride, Horse Ride Swing, paratrooper, tea cup and battery car.

The beauty of the park has been enhanced by creating artificial hills in the middle of the lake. Two bridges have been built on either side of the Mini Railcar to go through the hills. The office of the two-storey building has a beautiful entrance with various animal faces and ice house. There are three counters on each side for tickets to enjoy the items inside The nature of this park is very beautiful. The entrance fee is 25 taka and extra payment for rides. But no entrance fee is required for the under 2 year children. Full guideline information Rajshahi city special places


Sapura Silk Mill:

It is located at the Sapura named place. Basically, Sapura is an industrial area. The silk is a land mark Rajshahi. Rajshahi was famous for the production of silk. For this reason that time Pakistan Government at 1952 made this mill. But due to loss every year in 2005 the mill stopped working. Here have to shops for the display and sale silk products.

City Haat Rajshahi:

It is located 6 km far from the main city. It is one of the famous market for cattle. Specially in Eid – Ul – Adha the market is very popular. Many people come here for buy the Qurbani cattle. Byword of this place is the price of thing is something low. The opening day of this market is every Sunday and Wednesday in a week and every day before Eid.  The name is famous all over the country. Many more famous places and many important institutions are located at this side. South

South Side from the Zero Point: Full guideline and information Rajshahi city special places.

Here have many visiting places and important places south side from the Zero point. This place is basically the bank of Padma River. Basically, from the Padma garden named place started the main attractive places in south side. But behind the garden there have many places for the spending the times. The city corporation of Rajshahi was enhanced many facilities for the city people. You can go there for the fresh air and a very immaculate view of nature.

Char Khanpukur:

There has village of over the Padma River. The villages are going into catastrophic Padma river day by day for erosion of river.  Many people live there.  The name of the village is Char Khidirpur, Char Khanpur and Majhar Diyar Char. There do not have enough facilities for the people. Their life is always in struggle. Every year many part of the village erosion going into river. They are leading a very risky and hazards life. Many of them experience to make house and break the house.

Previous year, every family got Solar panel from the government of Bangladesh. Here have primary school, the teacher come from the Rajshahi city. The occupation of this most people is catching fishes and agricultural activities. If they need anything like daily groceries or medicine most of the people come in the Rajsahahi city. They have way for the coming here is in rainy season boat and summers day only by foot. In boat rent is 25 taka and there have two times for the boat from Char Khanpur 8 and 10 am, from the city 1 and 3 pm boats available. Otherwise you rent boat personally by giving extra money, you have to talk with for rate. They are leading a very mysterious life, but they are very happy.

Padma Garden:  Full guideline and information Rajshahi city special places.

It is located very few way from the Zero point and if you want you can go by foot. From the zero point there have direct road to garden. It is a very famous place in Rajshahi. No one will find who lives in this city but who has not seen that garden. This is a very beautiful creation of nature. You can see the river from here with a cup of tea. If you come here don’t forget to take taste of guava smeared with spices, it is very famous at this place. When there is no water in the river, you can gon into the river bank see the beautiful river view.

The way started from the garden and ends to the river. In full rainy season, the river full with water, that moment beside canal of garden is too much beautiful. In the winter season many people called the garden mini Sajek for the view of fog and down canal. Totally, it is a very beautiful place. Many people come here every day for refreshment. Most of the people come in the evening and many persons sings here.


Shah Makhdum Shrine:

This shrine is located at the direct west side from the Padma garden. The exact name of the place is Dorga Para. Here is located the shrine of Shah Makhdum. He preached Islam in Bangladesh and Rajshahi region in the last half of thirteenth century and early fourteenth century. Byword people said that he was cross the river by the Crocodiles, even the tiger of jungle listen to him. Full name of  this legend is Sayyid Abdul Quddus Shah Makhdum Ruposh. In every 27 Rajab according to Hijri year, here arranged Orosh Sharif. In this program many people come here. Without occasion many people of all over the country come here every day for visiting the shrine. The crocodiles grave is located here. He was the descendants of Hazrat Ali(R.).

Lalon Shah Mukto Monch: Full guideline and information Rajshahi city special places.

This place is some front from the Garden Pathan Para named place. It is 9 number ward of the Rajshahi city corporation. The way from the zero point to direct west side and Fire Service Mor named place. Then take turn on south side. You will reach your destination. This is also a very beautiful entertainment park for the people. The land area of park is 55 acres. It is largest free park in Rajshahi city. Many people come here for refreshment and to see the beauty of this place.

You can river from here. The stage of the Mukto Monch is a very common place to the city people. Many cultural programs organized here. Here has the restaurant Nongor. Which have a very beautiful view of nature. Most of the people come in the evening but in the Friday here are too much people come. Here have many fast food shops, you can get here many kind of foods. It was inaugurated 10 September 2013 of that year by the then State Minister for Local Government, Rural Development and Cooperatives Jahangir Kabir Nanak.

Restaurants beside the road:

Here have many restaurants beside the river. After passing Lalon Shah Mukto Monch, there have some restaurants the some of them Batayan, Simante Obokash, Simante Nongor. These restaurants nature is very beautiful. Many people everyday come here for refreshment. Every restaurant is very close to nature. They have cabin in the garden of mango and in free place. So, if anybody want to see the natural view and spend your time with family or favorite person, you have to must visit this place. Here located tree house. That mean in the restaurant cabin upper of the tree, you can reserve this cabin and take a very close to natural feel. All these places are very beautiful.

Another side of Dorga Para road beside the road, you can see the circuit house of many officers.

T- Badh Rajshahi:

This place is located at the 2.8 km far from the Zero point. The way to reach there is very is from any place of Rajshahi. This is also a famous visiting spot of Rajshahi. This barrage made for protection of Rajshahi local people from the breakdown of Padma River. This barrage is now a very good visiting spot. Many people everyday come here for look the natural view of Padma river. The view of the nature is too much impressive. Here beside the road of main gate horse-drawn carriages are available here. If you want to take a ride of horse carriages, you have to must come here. 

I Badh Rajshahi: Full guideline and information Rajshahi city special places.

It is located 3.2 km far from the Zero point. It is very easy to reach here. Thisis also one of the best tourist spot of Rajshahi city. Many people every day come to see the natural beauty and take a feel of close to nature. Beside the barrage here have some café and restaurant.
That are really awesome, another side of the barrage have the shops of fast food and a football field. Here the boats available for the tour of boat. These boat take people I badh to T Badh the cost is 20 taka per head and if you want to go on the other side of river you have to pay 50 taka for both side and they will give 30 minutes to one hour.