Best Places to travel India


Banaras is called the holy spiritual capital of India. It is located in the North province of India. It is one of the oldest cities in the world. The meaning of the word Banaras is a bright light for this reason it’s called the city of lights. If anybody visits India and doesn’t see Banaras, the tour will not be fulfilled. All over the year many countries and foreigners, religious-minded people, Photographers, businessmen, photographers, and tourists visit this holy place another name of this city is the Mother of History.

Many shrines, temples, bath ghat, bath lights, and many more attractive things are available. Here river Ganga across the city and there are 88 ghats for bathing. It’s believed that if anyone bath here that person is all guilty cleaned with the water. For this reason many devoutly people come here every year. Here live many saints and monk people. Some famous places name of this area, Anna Purna Temple, Kashi Vishwanath temple, Tulsi Manas Temple, Durga temple, Sarnath Chunar temple, Man Mandir ghat, Osi ghat, Darvanga ghat, Chet Sing ghat, Sindhia ghat, Vosle ghat and may more places available. This city is filled with beauty. If you get more time you can also visit Buddhist Temple. বাংলা পড়ুন

Andaman Islands: Best Places to travel India

It is famous for its blue water and silver sand. Andaman Islands and Nikobor made with 572 islands of Bay of Bengal. Its name was Kalapani by the British. For its immaculate beauty many people all over the world visit this beautiful place.  YThe natural beauty of the island always prepares to fascinate you. 


It is a small state of India, the capital of this state is Panaji. Basically, this state is famous for natural beauty, nature gives it her best without any kind of stinginess. Here you can see the sea beaches, green hills, river, waterfalls, row upon row coconut trees, ancient cave, historical Churches, fountains of fresh water and the pure beauty of nature. To enjoy the beauty many people visit this place every day.  Some famous visiting places name of Goa is Fontainhas Para, Velha Goa, South Goa, Palolem Beach, Butterfly Beach, Agonda Sea beach, Saint Alex Church, Dudh Sagar Waterfall, Vagator beach, North Goa, Candolim Beach, Thalsa, Argua Fort, Boom Bejus and many more places. Overall Goa full state is too beautiful. Winter season is the best time to visit Goa because during the rainy season there is heavy rainfall in this state so you can’t visit properly. 

Digha Sea Beach: Best Places to travel India

It is located at West Bengal shore of the Bay of Bengal Sea. The border of West Bengal and Orissa, Medinipur district of India. The real name of this beach ‘Birkul’. It is 187 km far from Kolkata. This beach 7 km long by length. The main attraction of this beach is natural beauty, one side Jhao forest and other side depth see, sandy beach is very beautiful and sun rise and sun set view from here can be your best view ever in your life.  You can enjoy different beauty of nature at different times. There have two beaches old Digha beach and New Digha beach. New Digha beach is more beautiful. Some places you may visit, Amarabati Lake, Digha Science Park, Marine Station, Shankarpur beach, Mandarmani, Junput Beach, Tajpur, Udoypur, Chandanesor temple, Talsari beach and many more places available. You can visit this place and enjoy your trip.