Kolkata is the capital city of West Bengal. Kolkata is situated at the bank of the Hugli river. It is called the Queen of the City. It is one of the most beautiful cities in India. Basically in this area live Bengali people. This area is filled with many cultural and historical monuments. You can see many types of old architecture in this city. Nowadays it is a favorite place for Bangladeshi people because of its short distance and easy access. Best Visiting Places at Kolkata Full tour guideline. Best Visiting Places at Kolkata Full tour guideline.

Basically, from Bangladesh go there for treatment and to get the feeling of a foreign country at a cheap cost. You can see the status of the historical and traditional ways of Kolkata. It is only 300 km from Dhaka. Some famous places name of this city and near of it is Kolkata Marble Palace, Victoria Memorial, Howrah Bridge, Fort William, Kolkata Resource, Fun city, Clown town, Botanical garden, Zoological garden, Eden Garden, College Street, national Library, Indian Museum, Birla Industrial Museum. Mother Wax Museum and many more places are available for visit in Kolkata. You can easily stay there, because there are many kinds of hotels. Many people visit this city every year. One more thing, don’t miss to taste street food. The Street food of Kolkata is famous all over India.


 Visiting Places at Kolkata: 

Here are many places that can fascinate you, some of the descriptions given below.

Indian Museum: 

It is Indian largest museum. Not only India it is an ancient museum of Asia. This museum made by the Asiatic Society of Bengal 1814. Here you can see many historical and cultural things. Basically, it’s a science and traditional museum. You can see here skeletons, dinosaurs, Egyptian mummies, the National sign of India, many sculptures, Botanical collections, religious collections and many collections of ancient days. Entry fee for the adult Indians 50 rupee, for children 20 rupees, for student full free, for foreigners 500 rupee. 

Birla Industrial Museum:  

It is India’s first science museum. It is a very famous museum in India. Here every day many scientific shows arrange for the visits. Now there are 13 decorated galleries for visitors. You can see many scientific works. Here, arrange many scientific shows for the students’ science competition. The entry fee for the general visitors is 50 rupee, 25+ people group 40 rupee, non Government school 20 rupee and government school students 10 taka.

Mother Wax Museum:  

It is the Indian first wax museum made Mother Tuso Museum architecture style. This museum started in November 2014. Here more than 50 famous people wax. It is located at New town Kolkata.

Rabindra Bharati Museum: 

It is located near Girish Park and Chittaranjan Avenue. This is the house of Rabindranath Tagore, this house name Jora Sankor Thakur Bari. It is a very important part of University. Here is a collection of Rabindranath Tagore’s works.

Nehru Children Museum:  

It is a children’s museum. This museum is basically for children. There are many galleries for the visitors. Some of them are Ramayan Gallery, Mahabharat Gallery, Dolls Gallery, Toys Gallery and it is very attractive for the children. 

Tram Museum:

It is the only one tram museum in India. Here is the history of trum and many things in the collection of trum. Who visits Kolkata most of them don’t miss the opportunity trum tour. 


Victoria Memorial:

 Victoria Memorial was made for the memory of Queen Victoria.  It is white marble made building and this architecture style is Taj Mahal.  Land area of this architecture is 64 acre. Here can see 25 galleries, out of them some Sculpture gallery, Royal gallery, Portrait gallery, Calcutta gallery, Arms and Armor gallery, central hall are specially noticed. You can also see the many stamps, coins and many more archaeological instruments. It is a collection house and tourist spot. Many people come here around the year. Basically those who are visiting Kolkata don’t miss to visit Victoria Memorial. Entry fee is 10 Rupee for the Indian people 10 Rupee and for the foreigners 200 rupee. 

Howrah Bridge: 

 It is known as the Rabindra Bridge to the Kolkata people. This is situated on the Hugli River, Kolkata to Hawrah. It is the 6th number largest bridge in the world. Every day 80k cars and 100k people cross the bridge. It is one of the artificial buildings in Kolkata. You can visit this to see the beautiful bridge.

Kolkata Marble Palace:

This beautiful architecture was made by the Bengali landlord Raja Rajendra Mollick Bahadur in 1835. This building was made the style of a palace. Nowadays here lived the generations of the landlord. You can visit this place.

Princep Ghat:

It is located at the bank of the Hugli River and it is one of the British times work. This Ghat named by the name of James Princep who read out the meaning of Shila Lipi written by Ashok. This is one of the visiting spots for the visitors, specially you can rent a boat and enjoy the beauty of the River.

Fort William:

Fort William castle located at the Kolkata bank of the Hugli River. This is the symbol of the British military in this oriental. You can visit and learn about many histories from here.

Kolkata Race course :

It is the first horse race course in British India. This race course started in 1820. Even now it is the most large race course in India. Every year here arrange Calcutta Derby and the Queen Elizabeth cup. There are some seasons for horse racing. If you want a horse ride you have to go Saturday on the spot.

Eden Garden:

Eden garden is one of the famous place Kolkata. Here has an international stadium. This stadium built at 1864 and the seat range of the stadium is 66349 people. Here arrange many international cricket matches. You can visit this architecture and this Eden Gardens owned by the Indian Army. 

Botanical Garden: 

This garden .. by the West Bengal State Government for the maintenance of the natural balance. Nowadays it is one of the beautiful and famous natural places in Kolkata. If you want to get closer to nature you must come. 

Zoological Garden: 

You can see the huge collection of animals. It is the first Zoological garden in Asia. The area of the garden is too much, so you can visit and see the many animals.

Agri Horticulture Garden :

Basically it is a horticulture centre. You can see here a huge collection of many trees and plants. Some of them are rare and many beautiful plants will fascinate your mind.

Nicco Park:  

It has been rewarded for the world’s no. 1 educational entertainment. Presently 40 acre park is home to over 35 attractions. The grounds were designed to provide for educational recreation and are dotted with displays. The entrance of every ride offers explanations of the scientific principles behind the working of the rides. You can visit this park, you will get a lot of knowledge from your tour. 


Science City Park:

It is a scientific park, where you can learn many things about science and clear your confusion of it.

Nolbol Boating Complex:

Basically it is famous for picnics. You can take many types of boat rides from here.


Another name of this park is Water park. It is located at Kochpukur Rajarhat. 

Fun city Park:

If you are a ride lover. It is the best option for you. This park made for amazing many types of exciting riding. 

Kolkata is a city of history and culture so there are many places. You can visit the National Library, which is the largest library in India. You will get many ancient and all types of book collections. College street is a famous place for the book lovers, Clown Town, Rabindra Sadan, many temples are available in Kolkata. 

How to Reach Kolkata. 

Kolkata is only 300 km far from Bangladesh. So easy to reach here and generally four ways available right now recently ship system was added. You can come by Ship, by train, by bus and by air.

By Ship:

MV Madhumati was recently added to the Dhaka to Kolkata route. You can choose a waterway. The cost will family suit 15000 taka and Sulove Deck 1500 taka.

By Train: 

Maitree Express train directly goes to Kolkata at 8:10 in the morning from Dhaka cantonment area station and you can get there by train from Iswordi station. This train was started by the Bangladesh and India mix initiative. Journey time can be 8 – 12 hours.

Journey by bus:

In day time generally three buses leave Dhaka for the Kolkata. The names of buses are BRTC, Shamoly and Sohardo. If you want to go by personally, you go to Benapole border by bus and cross the border after completing the immigration processes. You will get bus for the Kolkata at Petro Bangla. The costs will non AC bus 700 – 800 taka and AC bus.

By Air:

There are some airways for direct Dhaka to Kolkata flights. Bangladesh Biman, Air India, Spice Jett. The cost by air is 4000 – 8000 taka and it takes 45 – 50 minutes. If you purchase a ticket in advance you can get a discount or for many reasons service providers provide a discount for the passengers.

 Where to Stay: 

 Kolkata is a very big and famous city so you do not need to think about staying. You will get many hotels and guest houses for choice. You can stay there on your budget. Mid level hotel Non AC room rent 800 – 1200 rupee and AC room rent minimum 1400 rupee. If you’re visiting in tour time or holidays the rate can be more.  If you’re a budget traveler there are many hotels and guest houses. You have to betray with the hotel manager. 

What to Eat: 

Kolkata has a very rich food collection and food of Kolkata is famous all over the India. So don’t miss the taste of famous food of Kolkata and especially street food. You will get the Bengali food there. 

And for shopping New Market is famous to tourists. Some famous name of shopping spot of Kolkata: Adi Dhakessory Bostraloy, South city Mall, Priyo Gopal Bisoy, Adi Mohini Mohon Kanjilal, Shree Leather etc. 

Be safe and happy Journey