Banaras is called the holy spiritual capital of India.It is located at the North province of India. It is one of the ancient city of the world. It is known as Kashi to the Bengali people and other state people called it Banaras. The meaning of the word Banaras is bright light for this reason it’s called the city of lights. If anybody visits India and doesn’t see Banaras, the tour will not fulfill. Banaras Tour All about famous visiting places.

All over the year many countries and foreign religious-minded people, Photographers, businessmen, photographers, tourists visit this holy place another name of this city is the Mother of History. Here developed many shrinks, temple, bath ghat bright light and many more attractive things are available. Here river Ganga across the city and there have 88 ghats for bath. For this reason many devoutly people came here every year. Here live many saint and monk people. Some famous places name of this area, Anna Purna Temple, Kashi Vishwanath temple, Tulsi Manas Temple, Durga temple, Sarnath Chunar temple, Man Mandir ghat, Osi ghat, Darvanga ghat, Chet Sing ghat, Sindhia ghat, Vosle ghat and may more places available. This city is filled. Silk, Perfume and work of teeth is famous worldwide.  Banaras tour.

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Religious View:

It is called the spiritual capital of India because this place bring extra significance to the Hindhu Religious people. Here live 27 religious people. Specially Hindhu religious people visit this for to get reward by God. If you enter the city you will get spiritual feelings. Many people come here with food they will offer you this food and it’s called ‘Namak para, they believed that if you take this food they will rewarded by God. Many religious visitors don’t take food until get new guest with them. Banaras tour.

For religious view here made many Shrink, Temple and many ghats. Here live many shrine and monks. Only only Hindhu people here live many Muslims and many more religious people. Even now, 16% of Muslim living in Banaras. Here have many Muslim architecture available right now days. Some of them are Gyanabapi Mosque, Alamgiri Mosque, Gonj E Shadidan Mosque, Choukhamba Mosque is specially noticed. Here you can see the Buddhist birth place Saranath.

Visiting place of Banaras: banaras tour

There are many places to visit. You can visit 88 bath ghats, you can visit some of them that are famous and temples here.

  • Annapurna Temple:
  • It is located at Baba Biswonath alley. This temple was made by Peshoa Bajirao in 1725.  Opening time of the Annapurna Temple is from 4: 30 to morning 11: 30 and evening 7: 00 to at night 11: 30 and prayer happens at dawn 4:00. The architecture of this temple is very impressive.
  • Kashi Vishwanath Temple: This temple was made by the chief queen of Indore Ahilyabai Holkar in 1777 after vanishing the main temple she remade it. The king of Punjab Ranjeet Sing was given eight hundred and fifty kg gold to make it to the upper step. Here you can see the architecture of Benimadhav Ka Darera, which was made by the Aurongojeb wall of this temple. The alley of this temple is narrow. The Arati time of this temple is dawn 3 to 4 am. This temple’s light prayer in the evening is very beautiful so don’t miss the evening time. The beauty of the lights in the evening will fascinate you. 
  • Durga Temple: It is one of the famous temples of Banaras. The colour of this temple is red. It was made in the 18th century. It is believed that this temple has too much live. Opening time of this temple is morning 7 am to 8 pm at night. 
  • Tulsi Manas Temple: It is located very near to Durga temple. It is white in colour. You can see the architecture of Ramacharitmanos, many texts written on its wall and the wall is one of the special beauties of this temple. Opening time of this temple is morning 5: 30 am to 9:00 pm. 

Ramnagar Fort and Museum: banaras tour

You can see the palace of kings here. You can see here the historical things of king times like, horses drawn carriages, fancy watches, artificial worked hawda, dresses, palanquin, fourteen, weapons and another side of castle some photograph of Ramlila that bearining history of Ramnagar.

  • Ghats:  Main attraction of the Banaras is this Ghats. Here there are 88 Ghats for bathing. In the morning many people come here for a reward bath and prayer. Full city alive with them. If you want to see this beauty, you have to go early in the morning. Some famous Ghats names are   Man Mandir ghat, Doshashomedh Ghat, Moni Mornika Ghat, Harishchandra Ghat, Asi ghat, Darvanga ghat, Chet Sing ghat, Sindhia ghat, Vosle ghat.
  • Chunar: It is one of the visiting places of Banaras. It is believed by mythology that God Visnu put his leg in this holy place by this reason name of land Charandri. Main attraction of the Chunar is Big castle. It is 35 km far from Banaras.
  • Bindahcahal:  It is one of the famous places. The main reason for this place is to touch the leg finger of Soti. Another believed by mythology in this land Goddess killed Shamvu and Nishamvu. It is 70 km far from Banaras.

Austasvuja Temple banaras tour

  • It is 3 km far from Bidyasini temple at the top of Bindha mountain. Basically it’s a Durga temple. It has a story from mythology When Kongso went to throw away Mahamaya, at the moment Mahamaya became invisible by saying some invisible words. Then Vogobati came in the form of Durga and stayed there. You can see the Goddess idol by going to a narrow way of cave.
  • Kalikhoh: It is located at the top of the Bindhya hill. Another name in the form of anger is Chamunda and chandi. 
  • Saranath: It is located only 10 km far from Banaras. The Buddhist religion grew here. After getting Bodhi by Bodhgaya here he first started to advise people for religion. This historical name is ‘Maha Dharmachakra’. IN the Buddhist times the name of this land was Rishipatton. From the Saranganath the name Saranath.

Perfect Time for Tour:

October to March is the best time for visit Banaras. Because in this time winter. In this time many religious programs are arranged and for this reason many people come here. So you can see many visitors and enjoy them. April to September is summer day and the weather is too much hot. So you can’t visit properly at this time. However, Banaras is very ancient but it is still too much active for unbelievable beauty. This city makes the tour lover thirsty for its beauty.

How to go: There are three ways to reach Banaras Air, Train and bus. You can choose one of them and it is easy to reach Banaras. Because this is a very famous place and many people visit this place for the reward of God or visit this beautiful spot. 

By Train: Kolkata, Agra, Delhi, Luckno, Mumbai and many more states are easy to travel by train and code of Junction BSB.

By Bus: There is a system for buses. From Luckno 8 hours, Kan Pur 9 hours, Goraksha 3 hours and many states have government bus systems.

By Air: You can go easily by Air from any state’s airport. 

Where to stay: banaras tour

You will get a budget-type lodge, middle-class hotel and high-class hotels. You can choose one of them and stay relaxed. If you’re taking a hotel near the cantonment that will be better for you. Because there are few crowds of people. Some names of Hotels Yogi lodge, Visnu rest house, Rahi tourist Bungalow and many more hotels available.