It is one of the most beautiful state in India. The Sikkim is second smallest state of this country but it is full of beauty. The road side beauty will make you joyful. The land area of this state is 7000 square kilometre and the population of this state is probably seven lakhs. The name capital of this state Gangtok. There are many places to visit, basically the natural beauty of this area is the most attractive. Sikkim is beautiful with its Hill waterfalls, medicinal plants, forests, deep valleys, rich biodiversity hills, thousands of wildflowers, and Sangu lake is one the most beautiful places in Sikkim. Some tourist attraction place of Sikkim in Gangtok, Lachung, Pelling, Yuksom, Yumthang and many more places here made it a very beautiful place. Due to very near of Bangladesh you can easily visit this place. Here has some specific time for visit this state. Sikkim Tour Guideline visiting places Costs.

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Visiting places in Sikkim:

The state is full of beauty. But there are places that are especially noticeable. 


It is the capital of Sikkim and it is located at basically East Sikkim. Nowadays it is a base camp for the hikers, Tibetian Buddhist centre and Top of the Himalayans is the main spot for hiking. Here one the famous place is Tashi View Point, from here you can see the beauty of Kanchenjunga and many beautiful hills near the area. Another visiting place is the Namgyal Institute of Tibetology, this institute made around the Tibetan culture. You can see in this museum the idols of Buddhist, many used thing of the monks, religious rules, a library and a research centre.

If you want to take photograph with their traditional dress, you can rent a dress only 50 rupees.  You can also see the dedicated temple of Hanuman named is ‘Hanuman Tok Temple’, this area protected by the Indian Army. You can see the supernatural beauty of the mountain valley and the very beautiful view of hills. Here have many more places some of them are Himalayan Zoological park, you can see many types of animals here, Nathu La, Anarchy Monastery, Rumtek Monastery, Ridge Flower Garden, Saramsa park, Lhasa Falls, Gandhi Murti and Ban Jhakri falls is one of the beautiful falls in Sikkim.

If you visit this fall you can see the beautiful nature and an adventure experience. To get chance for Camping, Rope way, Hiking, and Roughting are the extra most attraction in Sikkim. Many people go there for it. 

Pelling: Sikkim Tour Guideline visiting places Costs

It is a little city located in West Sikkim. In Skywalk Pelling there is a hanging bridge top on the hill, this bridge 50 metre long, when you walk on the bridge, you will get an adventure feeling. You can also see beside the Rimbi River Orange garden Cardamom. Orange trees, wood nuts and many more trees entry fee of this garden is 100 rupee. People also come here to see the cropland of Kanchenjunga. Here are facilities for tracking in Rabdentse Ruins by per head 25 rupee. You can also visit the 300 years old Pemayantese Monastery. Main attraction of it is its architecture style. 


It is located at North Sikkim near the Tibetan border. It is 110 km far from Gangtok, it takes probably 5 hours from Gangtok.  You can see the beautiful view beside the way of Lachung. You can also see the blue water of Tista River and you can also see two beautiful waterfalls on the way.  Lachung is divided by the river. There is a Buddhist Monastery of the 19th century, this monastery has around apple garden. You can also see the Sims Switzerland, known middle of Katao white ice covered beautiful hills.  Other places in Lachung are Snow point for tracking, Vim nala falls,  khanda waterfalls and many more places.

Sangu  Lake:

It is one of the beautiful visiting place at Sikkim. It is located 40 km far from Gangtok. This lake situated 3753 metre high from the land level. Beauty of this lake is indescribable. It can’t be published by writing or speaking. You have to just see by the own eye and feel from heart. Specially the way of Gangtok to Sangu is very beautiful. Weather of the Sangu Lake is too much cold. Here snow falls in the winter. There have an extra excitement to play with snow. How far on the lake you will go the temperature will decrease. 

Yumthang Valley:  Sikkim Tour Guideline visiting places Costs

Yumthang valley is known as the valley of flowers. From February to June you can see many colourful flowers covered the valley. Main attraction of this valley is the flowers. 


It is a traditional city of West Sikkim. You can see here Kanchenjunga waterfalls, small lakes, and Buddhist temples.  can also try hiking, here have facilities for that.

You can also visit 8000  – 12000 high places situated Singalila National park, Aritar lake, Rishi Kholos, Kanchenjunga National Park, Sunrise view point, Ralang Monastery, Namchi Hilltop Monastery, Ralang Monastery and many more places. 

How to Reach Sikkim: 

From Bangladesh, you have to go Bangla Bandha at first. You can get bus from Dhaka to BanglaBandha. Then you have to complete immigration processes in both country Bangladesh and India. After finishing immigration you have to go Fulbaria Station. You have to go to Siliguri from here. Then you will get Siliguri to Sikkim by Bus or private car.  After reaching Siliguri you have to find SNT (Sikkim Nationalized Transport). You have to take permission from here to visit Sikkim. Take permission as your tour plan, it can be 7, 8, 10 or as your wish.  Try to reserve a Sikkim State registered car. Because of other States cars can’t go to every place in Sikkim.  The distance of Siliguri to Sikim’s capital Gangtok is 114 km and by bus generally takes 6 hours to reach. You will get bus for Sikkim from Siliguri SNT office.

Cost of Sikkim Tour:

Dhaka to BanglaBandha 700 taka, Immigration and All over Sikkim from Border 1800 – 2000 taka. Then others expenses depends on you. If you take the North Sikkim plan with Lachung and Yumthung, the package price can be 11000 – 14000 taka. Due to restricted area you have to travel by agency, otherwise you can’t visit.  If you take the North Sikkim package you will get some advantages from here. If you take package from hotel cost will gain and if you take package from travel agency some cost will less. 6 day and 7 night tour package cost can be per head 16k – 20k. Try to make a team for visit, for this reason travel cost can be less. 

Perfect Time for Visit: Sikkim Tour Guideline visiting places Costs

February to May and September to November are appropriate times for visiting Sikkim. In the winter season for snow falls roads can be blocked many times and in the rainy season many places are avoidable. South and West Sikkim and Gangtok you can visit this places all over the year. 

What to Eat: 

Sikkim is called the Land of organic. So you have to don’t put any confusion about the good food of Sikkim. You will get very fresh and pure foods here. You can also taste the street food. Some hotels and restaurants are named Nimoth Mama’s kitchen, Cafe Royal, Chrunh and, Gupta Restaurant, Kabu and local cafe. There are many more hotels and restaurants. You can taste traditional Tibetan food of Tibetian. 

Where to Stay: 

You can get many hotels, Motels, Home stay at Gangtok, Lachung, MG, Pelling. The rent can be a double bed room 1500 – 5000 taka. But if you search properly you can get a seat at 500 – 1000 taka. Some hotels of Sikkim information given below.

Hotel Willis: In this hotel the rent of the double bed room 2000 – 3500 Rupee.

New Hotel Sikkim: Rent of this hotel double bed room id 1500 – 2000 Rupee

Hotel Swang: Here double bed room rent is 1800 – 2500 Rupee. 

Hotel Priyadarshini: The rent of the double bed room 1600 – 2000 taka, four bedroom 2400 taka and six beds room 3500 taka.

Some Important Notes: Sikkim Tour Guideline visiting places Costs

  • You must put a valid passport and entry pass for Sikkim with you.
  • Don’t smoke in public places, don’t throw spit and garbage anywhere it is restricted in this state.
  • Most of the temples and important places do not allow you to pick photographs, you have to maintain the rules. 
  • You have to put on heavy dresses for winter, shocks for hand and leg, umbrella, head cap, hats off and Gum boots for walking ice roads. You can get gum boots on rent from the hotels. But others dress you have to must put with you.
  • All the shops and restaurants stop at 9 pm in Gangtok.
  •  Change your currency from the border, you can get better rate from other places. 
  • Winter time wood made hotels a little colder.
  • You will face many brokers for packages at Siliguri and try to avoid them.
  • When you’re purchasing a package, be clear with them about food and hotel facilities.
  • You have to take permission to go to another spot from Gangtok. This work is generally done by the drivers, so put your passport, visa, ILP, permission paper and passport size photos some copy with you. 
  • In Sikkim every place is not allowed for the foreign tourist so you have to visit specific spots, that you have permission.
  • If you interested in tracking put good quality grip shoe or keds.

Sikkim is such a very beautiful place so enjoy a happy journey.