Nazmun Nahar, a travel lover from Bangladesh, made history by traveling to 150 countries

Traveler Nazmun Nahar’s goal was to touch the personal milestone of his 150th country tour before the 50th anniversary of Bangladesh’s victory. He arrived in the Central African island of Sao Tome and Principe on Wednesday and achieved that feat. Which is a milestone in the history of travel in Bangladesh. A travel lover from Bangladesh.

He started his journey this time and reached Burundi, an African country, on August 10 from Sweden. Burundi was his 145th country trip. From there he traveled by road to neighboring Congo. He then traveled to South Sudan, Namibia and Angola one by one. Today I took off from Angola Airport and arrived in Sao Tome and Principe at 5:30 pm. Which is an everlasting travel story.

Excited Nazmun Nahar said on WhatsApp, “I am happy and proud to have traveled to the 150th country. Undoubtedly, it is a matter of pride for anyone to fly the flag of Bangladesh in 150 countries of the world.

This Bangladeshi traveler visited the 100th country in June 2016. In September 2019, it increased to 135. Corona infections continued to rise in early 2020. Travel bans have been issued across the country. Like many others, the traveler Nazmun Nahar was also under house arrest. When the infection subsided, he set out to achieve his goal. He visited various countries in America, Europe and Africa and came to Maldives in South Asia in December last year. This was his 144th country trip. Special love for travel lovers ..

Nazmun Nahar said, ‘For 21 years I have been carrying the red-green flag of independent Bangladesh from one country of the world to another. We have tried to present the history, culture and culture of the country in the court of the world. That will continue. “

However, The 150th country was traveled, then? Regarding future plans, Nazmun Nahar said, “I will now try to travel to other countries of the world, including the United Nations. I will be more active in spreading the message of world peace. In the meantime, I have started writing books on world travel. I want to share my experience with others through the book. ‘

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