Kedarkantha Trek

Kedarnath Journey . Being a nuclear family, the boy has to hug wherever he goes. However, in the lineage of the in-laws, mountains, treks, expeditions are all studied subjects. So Tatin may have acquired some innate mental or physical skills. That is why I can have the courage to take him with me from a very young age.

Many know that Sandakanfu himself trekked from Manebhonjan in February last year. This time I set off with a little more courage on the Kedarkantha trek. Kedarkantha Base Camp from Sankari to Judakatalab.

Whose height is 12500 feet. Many people are leaving so there is nothing new to say.
For the purpose of my writing, when we bow our heads to the indomitable will power of these 4 years and 9 months of Tatin. When the tired body was at the end of the road, Tatin said, "Mother Talatali has come." Then the whole team got a strange urge to cross the rest of the way. However, it is difficult to finish writing about Tatin's moments. At the end of it all, I say, take it with the little ones of the house and you will see that the path will be easier.

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