Rajshahi is an ancient city of Bangladesh. It’s a metropolitan city and now days it’s most cleaned city in Bangladesh. Another name of this city is Silk city. Once upon a time Rajshahi was famous for the production of Silk. Here situated country’s first silk research and display center. For the many reason Rajshshi is a famous city and most of the people in Bangladesh know that. Many educational institutes situated here for this reason another name of Rajshahi is education city of Bangladesh. Full guidelines Rajshahi City East and West side.

The fame of education at Rajshahi is over Bangladesh. The previous name was Rampur Boalia. In 1772 Rajshahi made the administration district, at 1876 made it municipality and finally 1991 the government of Bangladesh declared as the city corporation. Here situated many historical places and works, many people came here every year for many reasons from many places in Bangladesh. Most of them fall in the fault for finding right place for right work. So we will discuss today about important places in Rajshahi.

Zero Point:

It is called the main point of Rajshahi city. Here situated many important things. Some of them are Boro Mosque. It is located south side from the zero point. Many people take prayers here every day and on the Friday many people comes the Salat of Jummah. In the ground floor you can see the market, the market basically for the electric things. Front side from the mosque you can see RDA market. This is one of the most largest market in Rajshahi. You can get everything you need from here. Some west side from the zero point you can see the Shabeb Bazar. This market is for the daily groceries. Most of the people near this area came here daily market. A to z things you will get here.

Another thing here is Bhuban Mohan Entertainment Park. Many people came every day for refreshment. The park is free for every person no entry fee applicable.


East side from Zero point:

At the most east side from the zero point in the Rajshahi city corporation is Katakhali. It is one of the famous place. One of famous food of Rajshahi ‘Kala Vuna’ and it is available here. Then you can see the Rajshahi University gate. When, you are coming from the katakhali to Zero Point.

Rajshahi University:

You can see the main gate of university from the road. It is one of best educational institute in Bangladesh. The total land area of Rajshahi university is 753 acres. This is called the Cambridge University of the oriental. It is second largest university of Bangladesh. It was established at 7 July 1953. The student number of this institute is more than 36 thousand. Every year many students of this university is going many reputed places under the country and worldwide.

Now days Rajshahi University has 5 higher research institutes, 56 departments under 9 faculties and presently educational activities of Rajshahi University. Across the northeast side of the campus are 11 residential halls for male students There are 6 residential halls for female students which are located at the west end of the campus on the east side there is a dormitory for researchers. Across the east and west ends are residential areas for teachers and staff The Shaheed Memorial Museum of the University is the first Liberation War Museum in the country. There is also a sculpture called Sabas Bangladesh. There is also the Golden Jubilee Tower.

RUET: Full guidelines Rajshahi City East and West side.

Ruet main gate is only 1.4 far away from the Rajshahi university gate. It is located Rajshahi – Natore highway. It is one of the best engineering institute in Bangladesh. |T is one of the oldest and only one engineering institute in North Bangla. One of the leading PhD institutes in Bangladesh. Here has many facilities for the students. In December 1964 this engineering institute start journey with 122 students. That moment it was under Rajshahi university. Rajshahi University of Engineering and Technology, RUET currently has a total of 18 degree-granting departments under 4 full-fledged faculties. The land area of this institute is 152 acres and the student number is 5954. Students got chance here for the higher studies by admission exam and many students came here for the admission all over Bangladesh.

Faculty of fine Arts RU:

It is one of the faculty of Rajshahi university.It is located north side from the Rajshahi university main gate and beside the railway line. It is different way from the university.

Vodra Mor: Full guidelines Rajshahi City East and West side.

Vodra is a famous to Rajshahi city peoples. Here situated Smriti Omlan, a sculpture at the Bir Sreshtho Shahid Jahangir Road in Rajshahi city portraying the history of the nation’s movements the Bangladesh Liberation War in 1971. Rajshahi, Bangladesh. Here most of the bus counter situated. From here you can get buses any place of Bangladesh. Another attraction of the Vodra is Vodra Lake. This project has done by the city corporation for the refreshment city peoples. Many people every day came here to see the lake and for walking.

 Rajshahi Railway Station:

It is one of the most oldest railway station in Bangladesh and second largest railway in Bangladesh. Here situated the headquarters of the West railway.Many trains of many routes come here every day. But here do not have direct communication route Bogura and Rangpur.

Many trains Dhaka to Rajshahi, Rajshahi to Parbatipur and other route come and go from here. Some name of intercity trains. Sagardari Express, Kopotakhso Express, Bonolata Express, Barrendra Express, Banglabandha express, Titumir Express. Rohonpur Computer train and some more available.The natural view of the station is very beautiful.

Then on this way Railgate, you can gate local buses from here. Here situated the Shahid H.M Kamruzzaman Memorial. Than new market and Finally zero point.

West Side from the Zero point:  

RDA market and Shaheb Bazar: From the zero point at first you can see the RDA market one of the largest market at Rajshahi. You can get anything do you need. Specially dresses, jewellery, toys, many cosmetics, daily groceries, everything for your daily life. Then another side of the RDA you can see the Shaheb bazaar Market here you will get the vegetables, daily groceries, and many types of meat, fishes and other things. Then you can see the Rajshahi Collegiet School.

Rajshahi College:

After few path from zero point you can see the Rajshahi College main gate. It is 3rd ancient college in Bangladesh. This college was established 1873 at the British period. In that moment only 6 students admitted in the college. In 1932 first girl admitted to the college. Now this is the best college in Bangladesh under National University. Now days here have 24 subjects for the Honors under 4 faculties. This college was the first college in the Bangladesh, which started giving Masters Degree. This college is like a university. Every faculty have own building and separate buildings for the separate kind of works. The beauty of college building and campus always ready to fascinate you. Here celebrated many cultural programs.

Varendra Reasearch Museum:

After Rajshahi college hostels you can see the Varendra research museum. It is one of the ancient archeological collection museum. It was established at 1910 by the Akshay Kumar Matra, Rama Prasad Chanda, Kumar SharatKumar Ray and many more. Here has terracotta slabs, ancient coins, many ancient sculpture. Many people came here for visit. The opening and closing time is in Summers season Saturday to Wednesday 10 am to 5 pm and in winter season Saturday to Wednesday 10 am to 4:30 pm, on Friday 2:30 pm to 5:00 pm. The off day is Thursday and Rajshahi university holidays. This museum under Rajshahi University.    

TTC (Teachers Training College):

This institution located at the Sepai Para named place. It was established at 1955 for the making better skilled teachers. The land area of this college is 14 acre. Here has the academic buildings, administrative building, four male hostel and one female hostel. Available course is B.Ed.

Rajshahi Central Jail:

After passing some way, you can see the main gate of Rajshahi Central Jail. TheCentral Jail was constructed in the middle of the 19th century. Apart from holding the prisoners, the jail, at its early stage, had another important role to play in the town life of the people. Here put prisoner.  

New Govt. Degree College: Full guidelines Rajshahi City East and West side.

It is one of the educational institutes at Rajshahi city. You can see the main gate from few far from the jail main gate. This college established at 1966 under the national university. After few times started the Higher Secondary Education and now it is one of the best college for the higher secondary all over Bangladesh. In 2020 it was ranked 26 number about its result in whole Bangladesh. Now days here 17 subjects for under graduate program and some courses are trying for starting.  The hostel number of the institute is 3, two for male student and one for female students. The number of seats in the hostel, for male students 314 and for the female students 187. 

Rajshahi Medical College Hospital:

Behind the New Govt. Degree College you can see the gate of Rajshahi Medical College Hospital main. This is largest medical college in south Asia. This institute started the journey 1st July 1958. Nowdays the number of seats on the hospital is 1200. Many people come here for the better treatment. The college building has 4 galleries with computer multimedia projector, 9 laboratories, 2 museums, 2 dissection rooms, 1 post-mortem room, 1 library and 2 student common rooms. In 1990, a new pharmacology building was constructed to the east of the main building. A beautiful, state-of-the-art and air-conditioned 1000-seat auditorium was constructed on the east side of this building in 1995 which is now named as ‘Kaishar Rahman Chowdhury Auditorium’. 

Another new building was constructed to the north-east of the main building for the forensic medicine department. It was launched in 2010. There is also a nurse training center on the college premises. The library of Rajshahi Medical College has about 19500 books and 60 local and foreign journals with sufficient new editions. The Medical Education Unit has all the facilities of information technology including internet browsing. The research cell of the college helps the teachers and students in their research work. Rajshahi Medical College Teachers Association publishes a medical journal called ‘TAJ’ every 6 months which is recognized by BMDC. Here have 230 seats for the under graduate programs and also have seat for the higher studies.  

Laxmipur Mor:

One of the famous place at Rajshahi. Here situated most of the Clinic and Diagnostic centre. Many people of the north Bengal everyday came from the medical gate direct west side is Laxmipur mor. It is here for many works, most of them are come for the treatment.  Here located many famous clinics. If you want to stay in Rajshahi here you can get the hotels.

C&B Mor: Full guidelines Rajshahi City East and West side.

It is located at direct west side from the zero point. You can see the immaculate beauty of nature. Here many people come in evening for the refreshment. Most of the officers of division and districts residence are near of this place. Many government offices also near this place. The way of C&B to river is very beautiful.  You can get the some famous street food. The foods are very famous around the Rajshahi city.  You can see the evergreen natural beauty and the fresh air.

Shaheed AHM Kamaruzzaman Central Park and Zoo:

 The location of this central zoo is 3 km far from the Zero Point. A wide area with many types of trees, grasses, many animal species and fully loaded with natural beauty. You can reach very easy from the Zero Point. It was the racecourse in the British time. But after the extinction of the British from the oriental, this place was free. The moment Minister AHM Kamruzzaman made a plan for the plant trees and then it starts its journey at 1972 and main zoo program started when this park came under the Rajshahi City Corporation. The land area of this park is 33 acres. From the 2020 in Covid 19 the park closed and now still stopped for the visitors. The authority is developing the facilities into the park.

 Christian Mission Hospital Rajshahi: Full guidelines Rajshahi City East and West side.

Christian Mission hospital located at the near of Shaheed AHM Kamruzzaman central zoo and park. It is the largest health care institution in the banagladesh under Church Bangladesh. It was established at 1887 by the medical mission of the Presbyterian Church England.  They are treating peoples in very low cost. The hospital opened 24 hours for all. Here have 100 bests and four wards. The word has distribution one for men, one for female, one of them for Children’s and another one for Maternity here also has three private cabins. Beside the hospital there have a Church also. But when you’re visiting the church try to alert from the dogs.

Bangladesh Bank:

It is located at the bank of the Padma River. It is only 2.4 km far. This bank is a branch of Bangladesh bank. Bangladesh bank has 10 branches all over the country, this also one of them. Bangladesh Bank is called the bank of bank for the reason of it’s a central bank. The date establishing 16 December 1971, after independence of Bangladesh in 1972 granted this bank.

But it works started from the beginning of Bangladesh. In Pakistan period here was a bank State Bank of Pakistan, after independence government of Bangladesh started work from here and give the title of central bank.  After some times by the order of Bangladesh government Bangladesh bank branch created here. But this bank area is a secured area. You can go into the bank office but pick images by camera restricted. The bank openings day by the policy government announced holidays.

Rajshahi Court: Full guidelines Rajshahi City East and West side.

The location of the court is direct west side from the zero point. You can get any kind of transportation system which is available in this way. It is located beside the river Padma.  The district court established on 2005. Everyday many people came here from full district of Rajshahi for various types of legal works. The court and SP office is very near. Holidays for the court as per government policy and some special days of court.   We have tried to discuss about main places at the Rajshahi main city. Another part will discuss in next part.