All information about Bandarban. Bandarban is a Hill district of Bangladesh. One of the most beautiful place all over Bangladesh. It is known as Bangladeshi Darjeeling. Many people visiting this immaculate beautiful place. If you can visit in Rainy Season, Autumn or Late Autumn you may see the cloud very near like clouds touching you. Every year the popularity of Bandarban increases. There are many places for visiting, some of them are Nilachol, Nilgiri, Megla, Chimbuk hill, Shoilo propat and many more places. Today we will discuss all about Banderban tour. This is an Army controlled area. There live many indigenous people. If you want to know about their lifestyle you have to visit Bandarban. It has the country’s third largest hill and views of Cox’s Bazaar and many little hills.

If you are from Dhaka, you will get the bus very easily. The Rent of the bus will Non AC 700 – 800 taka and AC bus fare 1000 – 1600 taka. It will take you Bandarban within 8 to 10 hour. After reaching Bandarban, you will get chander gari or jeep easily from near the bus stoppage. There are many packages for tourists. You can choose the package by your time and budget.

Some packages Banderban tour given below:

SL No. Place Rent
1 Nilachol, Sorno Mondir, Shoilo Propat, Meghla 2800 – 3000
2 Nilgiri, Chimbuk, shoilo Propat 3700 – 4000
3 Nilachol, Nil Giri, Chimbuk,Sorno Mondir, Shoilo propat 5300 – 5500

You can choose one of them. If you’re a short group traveller my suggestion is to meet a new group and hire a car with them. Generally a car capacity of 10 people. 

You can take your breakfast from the bus stoppage. Then start your journey. Don’t eat heavy food for breakfast. Because of Bandarban hill tracts, so if you eat heavy food, there is a chance of vomiting. 

For the Army controlled area, you have to face a check post. Put your NID card with you. If you made a plan for one day you have to start your journey early in the morning from Bandarban.  If you’re visiting package number 2. Gol first Shoilo propat is located only 8 km far from Bandarban main city.  Nowadays, it is very famous because of its proximity to the main city and for its waterfall. Every time of year people can visit here. It’s most important thing is all over time cold water continues to go down. You can take a bath here to erase all the stress of the journey. 


It is 2000 feet high from the mainland of Bangladesh. Nilachol is one of the spectacular places for travellers located at Bandarban district, its 6 kilometres from Bandarban city topper of Tigerpar hill entry fee of this hill is 65 taka. It’s compared with Indian one of the most impressive visiting spots called Darjeeling. It’s a project of the Bangladesh Government. From Nila chol, different places will give you different types of amazing beauty. Every spots beauty is different from each other. Shuovnil jhulonto nila, Niharika and Valentines point are named as amazing rest spots.

  These points are created beside hills. Visitors can enjoy many kinds of views from other hills. You can see the full view of Bandarban and if you are lucky can see Cox’s bazaar. From one to another, hills or other views are totally difficult. Rainy, Autumn and Late Autumn season and others all seasons have a cloudy feel from rest spots. You can touch the clouds from here and take feel that you’re in the clouds.  Visitors have permission until sunset. One of the more attractive is Blue resort.   


It is located 30 km far from Bandarban. The Chimbuk hill top is located 2500 feet up from land. This area was totally handled by the Bangladesh Army. The entry fee of Chimbuk hill is 20 taka per person. For the immaculate beauty of this hill called Darjeeling of Bangladesh.  This hill is called the Daughter of Bangladeshi Hill. It is the third largest hill in the country. The beauty of reaching Chimbuk will fascinate you. If you’re lucky you can see clouds and get in touch with clouds from here. One more thing special from here is sunrise and sunset. This place is one of the most appropriate in Bangladesh for the most beautiful sunrise and sunset.


It is located 50 km far from Bandarban city. If you want to touch the clouds you have to go to the Nilgiri entry fee of this spot 65 taka. This visiting spot was created by Bangladesh Army custody.  It is 2200 feet high from general land. You can see from here the beauty of playing in clouds and hills, if the sky is clear you may see the Cox’s Bazar sea beach, Boga Lake, Chattogram and Sangu River. The charming beauty of this hill top must fascinate you. If you visit in the Rainy Season you can touch the clouds and feel like you’re losing in the clouds.  There live indigenous people near NilGiri. You may visit the village and know about their lifestyle.


It is located 4 km far from Bandarban city. One of the beautiful places of Bandarban entry fee of this area is 50 taka and cable car service fee is 40 taka. You have to take the ticket from the counter. The main attraction of Meghla is the Cable car. There are more enjoyable things: Safari Park, Children Park, Two Hanging Bridge and Paddle boat service. All over Meghla is a very beautiful place. Basically it was created around a lake. You can also see the charming beauty of Bandarban from the top of the hill.

Golden Temple:

It is located at Bandarban Balaghat. It is 9 KM far from Bandarban main city. This pagoda was made on the top of a hill. Here have country has the second largest Buddhist idol of god. This temple design followed Thailand, China and Myanmar style. This pagoda is one of the visiting places at Bandarban. Many foreigners come here. There is a pond called Debota Pukur. The entry fee of this temple is 20 taka per head.

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