Everything About Shreemangal Tour. Shreemangal is located at Moulovibazaar South west part of Bangladesh. It is much famous for tea garden. Because 163 tea garden in Bangladesh and 40 in Shreemangal. Basically people visit here for watch tea garden. Without tea garden there have many more places that you can visit. Some of them like Lawachara National Park, Hum Hum waterfall, Madhavpur Lake, Tea  Research Institute, Lal pahar, Pineapple Garden, Rabar Garden, Lemon Garden, Hail Haor, Tea Museum and Memories of 1971 genocide. For this places and the evergreen beauty of this upzila many people came here every year.

How to Reach: You can go there by train and by bus as you wish. Train and bus name and fare are given in below.

Journey By Train. Everything About Shreemangal Tour

Train name Departure (Dhaka) Arrival(Shreemangal) Fare
PARABAT 6:20 AM 10:33 AM 260
JOYENTEEKA 11:15 AM 4:13 PM 260
KALNI 3:00 PM 7:00 PM 260
UPABAN 8:30 PM 1:30 Am 260

Generally, it takes 4 to 5 hours Dhaka to Shreemangal. You can get the ticket of train online or station. You can go by Kamlapur or Bimanbander station. If you are a budget traveler, you can take the elegant class chair.

If you are want to journey by bus. There have many bus agencies some of them Hanif Enterprise, Shamoly Paribahan, Ena Enterprise, Sylhet Express, Mamun Enterprise and many go to Shreemangal every day. You can get bus easily from Sydeabad, Fakira pooil, Gabtali bus stoppage. The fare of bus is 300 – 500 taka. It will take 4:30 to 5 hour and put you Sylhet kadamtali bus stand. Then from there you can go to Shreemangal by private car, bus or train. If you go by bus rent will 100 – 150 taka and generally take highest 3 hours.

If you are visiting Shreemangal for one day my tips will try to reach Shreemangal early in the morning. Then you can rent jeep or CNG discuss with the driver of Jeep or CNG about rent. They will want an amount but you have to bargain with them. Basically, one day rent of CNG can be 1200 – 1500 taka and rent of jeep 2000 – 2500 taka.

CNG can take 5 persons and jeep can take 10 persons. So rent car by your number of visitors Everything About Shreemangal Tour

At first you can be watch Lawachara National park. It is a reserved forest area of Bangladesh government.  It is located 250 hector land. Now days, in Bangladesh have 10 national park Lawachari one of them.  You can see here many valueable type of trees and animals. The fee of the ticket Lawachari visit given below

SL. No. Classifications Fare
1 Adult People (Per person) 50
2 Student and child(per person) 20
3 Foreigner Tourist 500
4 Picnic(Per person) 11.50
5 Shooting 6900

This rate of fee is changeable. You have to cut ticket by your system. There have train system. You can choose one of them. There also have guide, the rent of guide will 200 to 600 taka by trail. There have khasiya village, betal leaf trees and Jhiri punji and rail track Dhaka to Sylhet. Here shooted two famous movies, Around the world 80 days and Humayon Ahmeds Famous Amar Ache Jol. You can see many things here and can enjoy very much.

Then you can visit Madhavpur Lake. This lake is 20 km far from Shreemangal. It is one of the beautiful place at Shreemangle. Basically here have some little hill and hill tracks. You can reach top of the hill and enjoy the view of the charming beautiful Tea garden and lake and walk sometime around lake. It will fascinate you.

Then you can visit Lemon Garden, Pineapple garden and memorises of Bangladeshi war Genocide.

Then you can visit Tea Museum. There you may know the full history of Bangladeshi tea production and also know about many new things of tea. Then if you want to visit Lal Pahar, you have to walk 30 minutes, then you can watch the beauty of Lal Pahar. You can also visit Hum hum Waterfall and take a natural feel of waterfall beauty.

Hail Haor is famous for many kind of birds. If you want see many kind of birds you have to go this haor. Specially, in winter here came many guest birds and they create beautiful sound and scenery.

We probably most of the people listened about 7 layer tea of Sylhet. If you have time you can go Adi Nilkantha Tea Cabin. There have many kind of tea packages. Some of them name and price given below.

SL No. Tea Name Price
1 Eight Layer 85
2 Seven Layer 75
3 Six Layer 60
4 Five Colour 50
5 Four colour 40
6 Three colour 30
7 Two colour 20
8 High Special 40
9 Special Lemon 20
10 Special Milk Tea 20

There have tea packages. You may taste as your choice.

Then there have Manipuri Market you can buy as your choice. If you want to buy tea leaf you have to city station market.

Hotels & Resorts:  Are you looking for best place for your honeymoon. Shreemangal eco resort and other resorts can be added your choice. There have many resorts. There have basically two five star hotels and others many class hotels. You can stay there by your budget. Some hotel name are given below

Two five star resorts are Everything About Shreemangal Tour

  • Grand Sultan Resort &
  • Dushai Resort                                                 

The fare of this resorts 12000 – 50000 taka.

Some more resorts

  • Shremangal Tea Resort
  • Nesorgo Eco Cottage
  • Shanti Bari Resort
  • Tea Heaven Resort
  • Himachol Resort
  • Hotel Shreemangal
  • Hotel Vision
  • Hotel sky park

Rent of the hotels can be by class 2000 – 10000 and 1000 – 2000 per night.

If you want to feel heavy cold and rainy time, you have to must visit Shreemangal. If you’re from Dhaka and planned for one day tour at Shreemangal I think 2000 per head is enough for the budget traveler.

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