Cox's Bazaar Beach
Cox's Bazaar Beach

Cox’s Bazaar Beach:  One of the most beautiful places all over Bangladesh and biggest sandy sea beach in the world. Today we are going to discuss about Cox’s bazaar tour full guideline.

How to reach:

you can go there from any location. If you want to go from Dhaka, There are basically two ways, by bus and by train.

Bus: If you chose bus, you can directly reach Cox’s Bazaar from Dhaka. Fare of Bus Non-Ac 850-1000 taka and AC bus fare is 1200- 1800 taka per seat. There have many bus agencies like Hanif Paribohon, Desh Travels, National Travels, Akota, Saodiya, Royal, etc. Non AC buses take 10 hours and Ac buses take 12 hours to reach Dhaka Cox’s bazaar. Kolatoli or Dolphin more named place the destination of the buses. From Kolatoli mor you can go any point.  Sugandha beach is near of Kolatoli mor.


Dhaka to Chittagong train distance 346 KM. If you want to go by train, you have to go first Kamolapur or Bimanbandor Railway station. There are 3 trains at night for Cox’s bazaar. Name of trains is Turna Express, Chattogram Express and Mahanagar Express and Sonar Bangla Express.

The leaving time of trains from Dhaka Turna Express 9:20 PM, Chattogram Mail 10:30PM and Mahanagar Express at 11:30 PM. Train fare are Turna and Mohanogor Express 365 taka elegant  chair and Chattogram mail fare is 180.

 Every train will drop you early in the morning. From Chittagong you have to go bus counter and cut ticket for Cox’s bazaar. There have many bus travel companies. Bus fare will be 250 taka. After 4-5 hours journey bus will drop you Kalatoli mor. Then you have to take auto for go to any beach. Kalatoli mor is near of Sugandha beach. You can go there by walk easily in 10 -15 minutes.

My suggestion will be journey by bus because it will save your time and you don’t need to change car. It will directly take you at your destination. If you journey by train you can save 500-800 taka but it will take your valuable time and trouble changing car.

Appropriate time for tour: Cox’s Bazaar Beach 

Don’t make a plan for tour at special vacations like Eid, Worship and government leaves times. Because in this time many people are go there and some time Cox’s bazaar very over crowded so that you can’t take a full fresh feel from your tour. Winter is the best time for any tour.

One more thing you have to avoid Thursday and Friday for tour also. Because these days many people come there and best hotels are booked those days. You could face trouble of hotels and for cars these days.

Hotel: There are many hotels around the beaches. You have to try take the hotel around beach. Because if you take hotels far from beach, you will need extra cost for go to beach. Do not go hotel with any auto driver.

  • Sea cox
  • Kanca Lanka
  • Marine Hotel
  • Sea Alif and many hotels have there.

Rent of hotels, double bed room these rooms can stay 4 people but if you can make deal with hotel authority they approve 5-6 people in a room and it’s cost 2500- 3500 taka but you have to be careful. Then you will get a lower price. If you want single bed room you have to pay 1500-2000 take in these hotels. your budget more there have many highly budgeted hotels. It’s day count system is from any time of day to next day 11 AM called one day. If you want to stay more time your time will count after 11 AM as a new day.

Food: Cox’s Bazaar Beach 

There have many kind of food hotel some of them are Boishakhi hotel, Mamtaz Vat Ghor, Jhaubagan Hotel Mejban hotel etc. Food price is fixed by the Government of Bangladesh. So no more far difference between every hotels. But you have to eat after verification which hotel is best for you. There have many kind of foods. You can eat by your own taste and have many packages also like lunch package rice, chicken 1 pitch, dry fish stuff mashed potatoes, cooked pulses and salat.

This package cost 140 taka. There have many packages like this and have system for BBQ. You can buy fish and instantly make a BBQ there. BBQ cost included with fish price. In evening many temporary food shops sell street food and their local food. You can get many kind of sea food at Kolatoli and Laboni Beach, price of some sea foods.
  • Shrimp each 20 taka
  • Coral fish each 80 taka
  • Crab each 60 taka

Rupchada each 200 taka and have many kind sea food that you can taste.

Bathing beach:

 Basically there have 3 beaches for bathing other beaches beautiful no permission for bathing. Bathing beaches are Sugandgha beach, Kolatoli beach and Laboni point. Others beaches have stones so you can’t bath. Some of more beaches are Patuartek, Inani, lal kakra beach etc. Every beaches too much beautiful.

Beautiful Spots of Cox’s bazaar and Distance from Sugandha beach: Cox’s Bazaar Beach 

Sugangdha beach is basically main point. You can also visit Lal kakra beach Patuar tek, Him chari, Inani beach distance of beaches from Sugandha beach.

  • Patuar tek 31 km
  • Inani Beach 24 km
  • Lal kakra beach 11 km and
  • Him chari waterfall 9 km far.     

If you want to visit these places in a day you have rent a car for whole day. The car will take 800-1000 taka for full day. You must have to make a deal first with driver that which point you want to visit and one more thing bargaining is very necessary for Cox’s Bazaar. If you can bargain properly you can save money.

Now an idea of total cost,

  • Bus fare         = 1700
  • Food              =600(2 days)
  • Hotel rent     =1000(5-6 people team per head)
  • Others places visit= 200 taka

Total cost will be 3500 taka and others expenses personally yours. (Cost are variable).

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