Traveling throughout Europe is a dream that many of us have possessed from childhood. However, Europe has a lot of colors and just like that traveling throughout can be a vivid experience.  How to Travel Around Europe.

Before you travel to Europe, you must have an idea about the places you are about to go to and see. Almost all of the places will be new to you. So, our recommendation to you is that you read, you watch, you learn, and you know about your desired destination. Well, the best way to know about a place that you are visiting is through Youtube. Traveling around Europe is somewhat like traveling around the world. It has everything from nature to modern life and lifestyle. Here is our recommendation list, the top 48 places around Europe that beautify the entire continent.

How to Travel Around Europe

1. Paris – This is the iconic capital of romance. Known for its Eiffel tower, museums, landmarks and old city vibes.  
2. Rome – Rome is a place where civilization was born. This is the capital of Italy and the best attraction here is the Coliseum.
3. London – London is the capital of England and was once considered as the center of the world. You will definitely fall in love with the city. It just has so many things to offer.
4. Venice – This is another great romantic destination. It’s an island city filled with canals and one of the ultimate destinations for photographers.
5. Barcelona – This is the capital of Catalan and the buildings here will leave you spellbound.
6. Florence- The birthplace of the Renaissance, still has the untold stories in every corner, waiting for you to discover.
7. Vienna – Do not ever forget to experience opera once you step into Vienna. It is the capital of Austria
8. Madrid – Well, Spain is truly beautiful and you should start with Madrid if you want to explore Spain.
9. Istanbul – Istanbul is the bond between Europe and Asia This is the capital of Turkey and you will surely be exposed to different food and culture during your stay here. It has some beautiful architecture.
10. Prague – The capital of Chezwill urge you to stay a bit longer with is ancient vibes. It’s indeed an iconic destination where time has stopped for a few decades.
11. Amsterdam – The capital of the Netherlands known for its beauty and museums.  
12. Milan- A trip to Milan will take you to an ancient time, guaranteed.
13. Munich- Most popular for its Oktoberfest, this is the capital of Bavaria.
14. Budapest – The capital of Hungary. This is one of the most photogenic places that you will ever find in Europe.
15. Athens – Most known forAcropolis, Athens is the capital of Greece, which will take you another dimension. 
16. Berlin- If you love to know more about the second world war, you must be here once in your lifetime. The capital of Germany is one of the most cherished tourist attractions for tourists all across the world.
17. Lisbon – For those who are a fan of colonialist history, Lisbon is a paradise for them.
18. Santorini – This volcanic island in Cyclades island groups is one of the most beautiful islands on the planet. The sun makes it really beautiful. 
19. Moscow – Moscow is a part of history. It is also a highly cherished destination. The architecture here is really mesmerizing. 
20. Iceland – This is the land of fire and ice. If you love glaciers, you will surely love Iceland. It also has the world’s most active volcanoes. People also call it the land of light and darkness.
21. Seville – Seville is famous for its food and drink. This can be an ideal leisure gateway for you. 
22. Naples – Naples is naturally beautiful. Seafood and culture here are also really great and lovable. You will surely love the colors of this place.
23. Vatican City – For those who are a fan of churches and love old architecture, Vatican City is the most ideal destination for them. Obviously, do not forget the Holy See and Headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church during your stay here. 
24. Saint Petersburg – This place is a Russian Port city.  Saint Petersburg is considered the cultural capital of the world. The architecture, monuments, churches, and museums are really famous here. 
25. Frankfurt – It has the best skyline that you can imagine. For those who love to travel in a metropolis over nature, this can be an ideal tourist destination for them. For the photographers who love to take photos of cityscapes, this is the ideal destination for them. 

How to Travel Around Europe

We know you are traveling so that you can get lost in our own minds. However, do not forget that ‘communication’ is as important as enjoyment. Your SIM card should be enough when you are in Europe with its roaming facility. 

Language is the medium through which we convey our messages to others. Throughout Europe people generally understand English and you will barely have any communication gap. 

Shopping! We all love to shop. Europe can be a heaven for shopping. Some places here are considered to be the fashion capital. So, while budgeting your Europe trip make sure to save enough for shopping. At least, we all have to buy things. 

Be respectful to the laws, customs, and cultures of the place that you are in. 

How to Travel Around Europe

Each one of them has its own kind of beauty that is waiting for you to explore. However, today’s article is not about a description of these destinations.

Another important thing is your budget. You will be able to travel around Europe with a daily budget of 50€-70€.  You have to have a clear idea about the cost of your entire travel. To avoid the unavoidable circumstances, you must have enough cash with you that will help you to get through the entire travel and allow you to have enough cash for emergencies. Do you know the currency of the palaces you are headed to? 

Papers are also very important. You have to have the proper documents and permissions with you. Just remember that your passport is not only enough to get you through your destination. Sometimes you might be needing documents that you never had thought of. 

Time is another important factor. You have to particularly know the length of your travel and more or less everything depends on this factor. Traveling throughout Europe can take a lot of time if you want to see everything. That is why we recommend you to pick the spots that you really want to see and visit. The places should be in accordance with your taste. Depending on the time you have in your hand, you will be deciding the spots that you will be able to see and that will decide the amount of money you will end up spending.

How to Travel Around Europe

Transportation is a key factor while traveling. If you can drive then you must get an international driving license. Especially, in Northern Europe, it is better to travel by hiring your own car to avoid the hassles. This way your trip can be flexible and always be in your favor.

The places you will be crashing in nights throughout your travel is not negligible. It will always be a tug of war between cost and comfort.  One thing that we won’t be able to imagine our life without food.