Today we are going to dispel all your misconceptions about Kuakata. Kuakata is known as the daughter of the sea. Many people visit Kuakata every year. It is located in the south-western part of Bangladesh.

It is mainly famous for watching sunrise and sunset. The most beautiful sunrise and sunset can be seen from Kuakata, the only one in South Asia. This is why it is so famous. Kuakata has some famous places like Gangamati Char, Gangamati Lake, Kawar Char, Zhaoban, Rakhine Palli, Buddhist Temple, Char Vijay, estuary of three rivers and many more beautiful places including lemon forest.

There have many ways to reach Kuakata. There almost from all districts have process to go. You can rent bus or car for go there. You have to reach Patuakhali or Barishal first then by bus or rent car service reach there.

If you are from Dhaka, then bus and launch are both alternative routes for you.

By bus: By road distance Dhaka to Barishal 240 km. Can get ticket of Barishal or Patuakhali Sayedabad, Gabtali, Abdullahpur bus stoppage very easily and many buses available in this route. Some name of bus Hanif Enterprise, Sakura Paribahan, Eagle Enterprise and some other bus company available. Basically  cost of buses

Non AC bus 450- 600 taka

AC Bus        800 – 1300 taka

If you want to go by Patuakhali there have some buses company generally Hanif Enterprise and Hemi Enterprise main bus of this route. Ticket price Dhaka to Patuakhali

 Non Ac bus600 – 600 taka

 AC bus 1200 – 1500 taka.

By Launch: By Dhaka to Barishal distance is 178 km. Barishal launches something better and luxurious. There have many companies of launch. Below showing some name of launches Dhaka to Barishal

  • MV Adventure
  • MV Surovi
  • MV Manami
  • MV Sundarban
  • MV Farhan
  • MV Kirtonkhela etc

Rent of this launches

Name Type Rent
VIP Cabin AC 5000 – 7500
Semi VIP Cabin AC 3500
Family Cabin AC 2500
Family Cabin Non AC 2000 – 2200
Double Cabin AC 2000
Double Cabin Non AC 1800
Deluxe Single Cabin AC 1500
Deluxe Single Cabin Non AC 1300
Single Cabin Non AC 1000
Sofa   500 – 700
Deck   250 – 350

If you want to go Kuakata by Patuakhali. There have many launches Dhaka to Patuakhali. Daily evening 6 to 7 pm many launches depart from Sadarghat. You can also night view of river. Some name of launches Dhaka to Patuakhali route.

  • MV Sundarban 7, 14
  • MV Prince Awlad
  • MV Jamal
  • MV Kajal
  • MV Kuakata etc

Ticket rent of these luxurious launches are given below

  • Double Cabin  rent is 1600- 1800 taka
  • Single Cabin rent is 900 – 1000 taka
  • eck rent is 200 taka.  

After reaching barishal or Patuakhali you will get bus for Kuakata easily.

MY suggestion will visit there by Barishal. Take Auto rickshaw from Launch ghat and go Rupali bus stand and rent of auto will 10 – 15 taka per head.

Then purchase bus ticket for kuakata. There have many bus company buses. If you want to journey by BRTC bus, you have to go Nothullahbad. Time of Barishal to Kuakata BRTC buses

  • Morning 6 AM
  • Morning 10.30 AM
  • Afternoon 2.30 PM
  • Evening   6 PM  

 Rent of BRTC or other bus is 220 – 240 taka. Bus will take you zero point of Kuakata. Now you have rent a bike. Without bike you can’t full fill tour because there have many places that reaching that position impossible without bike. So you have to rent bike must. The bike has many packages. If you want to see all points you may cost of bike 400 – 450 taka.

Hotels: There have many residential hotels near beach. You can rent hotel by your choice. Some name of hotels

  • Hotel Shoikot  
  • Hotel Sea Queen International
  • Hotel Aman International
  • Heed Bangladesh
  • Hotel Taj Kuakata
  • Hotel Sea Palace    

There have more hotels and resorts. Rent of that hotels depend on popularity and season. If you go government holidays or any special vacation rent can be grow but there have option bargain. You have to must bargain.  Rent of hotels single Non AC room 700 – 800 taka AC room rent is 1300 – 1600 taka.

After check in hotel you can go beach and take a long time bath in sea water. The bath will forget your journey stress. Some famous places for that you may visit.

Gangamati Char: It is famous for sunrise. You have gone there very early in the morning.  You may see that many people went there before you. You can see many died trees on your ways these trees destroyed 2007 Sidr.  You can see the best sun rise scene in South Asia and this is a mind blowing natural beauty. After watch sun rise you may go Gangamati Char to Red Crab Beach. If you’re luck is good you can see many red crab. This crabs are very fast and furious. If you  want to go near them, they will go in there holes.

Zhaoban: It is one of the visit able place in Kuakata. The length of the Zhaoban is 8 KM. It is a planned made forest for protect coastal area from natural disorder. You can take food from here.

Mishripara Buddhist Temple: The entry fee of this temple is 10 taka per head. The temple is a symbol of holy and ancient for Buddhist people. Here have the largest Buddhist statue of the continental. Another viewpoint here is a sweet water well. After a complete visit temple, you can go Rakhain Palli. There have many kinds of handmade dresses oysters made many things and other things and especially cake is famous of Rakhain Palli.

Shrimangala Buddhist Temple: It is one of the famous place. It is located at near of kuakata zero point. Entry fee of this temple is 20 taka per head. Here you can see the well from this well place named in Bangla Kuakata. In 1784 Arakan Rakhain indigenous digged this well for drinkable water.   In this temple have a statue of gold, silver, copper and other metals. This statue is known as Golden Statue. Its height is 6 feet and weight is 35 Mana. You can see near of temple two hundred years old ship. Basically this ship seen at 2012, before this time it was under water.

Shutki Palli and Lebu Char:  In shutki palli you can many people are drying fish. There have row and row dried fish. Generally most of them worker, they can’t sell the fishes but if owner stay there you can buy the fishes. There have many places for bus dried fish. Than you can go lebu char. It’s named by one person of that area. Lebu char is famous for sunset view. You can see sunset from any place of beach but some places are special for some things. Here you can see many kind of fish and crabs. You can buy it and make fry or BBQ. Fry or BBQ value is included with price of fish or crab.

Three River Estuary:  Here three rivers estuary located. You can also enjoy sunset from here. Kuakata has many places for visit some of their name and packages given below.

SL No. Spot Duration  (Hour) Price( per head)
1 Kuakata – Fatrarban, Lal Kankra char, Shutki palli 4 250
2 Kuakata – Fakirhat sonakata 6 400
3 Kuakata – Sonar char, Crab I Land 10 1100
4 Kuakata – Lal digharbon, Fakirhat 9 900
5 Kuakata – lal kankra char, Fakirahat, Shutki Palli, Fatrarban 8 500
6 Kuakata – char bijoy 6 400
7 Somudro vromn 1 100

You can use these packages for your full journey. But how I know far nowdays Fatrarban is not available for public. This is a part of Sundarban and its reserved by Bangladesh Government.

NB fares may be variable. Bargaining is available in most places by bargaining please. So, in a good way, make the journey safe and sound, may your journey be happy ..

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